Monday 27th April

Hello my lockdown learners, this is week 6 of quarantine! I’m not really sure what day of the week it is, as they all seem to merge into one! I decided at the weekend that I needed to be more positive about the situation and so every day I am writing down three different things that I am grateful for. Maybe you could do the same.

Your tasks for today are as follows:

English – Talk4Writing lesson Activities 9 & 10 Planning and Writing a story

Tomorrow you will be editing, improving and rewriting this first draft.

Maths – Angles in regular polygons (lesson 2)

Topic – This term we should have started our new topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. To kick start this, I would like you to research a well-known criminal. Put together a factfile about this person to share via email. I will choose a selection to upload on the class webpage.


  • Remember to keep up with Rockstars.
  • If you have finished reading a good book and you want to share – write a book review and email it to me
  • Keep adding to your diary (if you are writing one)
  • If you have been doing any baking, you might want to share recipes and photos. I hope this has helped your measuring and weighing skills. Maybe we have some new-found budding bakers and chefs amongst us.
  • Keep smiling