Friday 24th April

Well, you made it to the end of the week! After two weeks off, that might have been a challenge for some of you! I have managed to call nearly everyone this week. It has been so lovely speaking to your parents and even some of you, although I am sure you don’t think the same!

Your tasks for today are:

English –continue using the Talk4Writing booklet found at

Activity 7 from Talk4Writing booklet – Grammar & Sentence work: a). Pattern of 3 actions b). Semicolon use c). Adverbs

Activity 8 – ‘Through the eyes of a character’: short piece of descriptive writing – I would love to see a copy of this

Next week – Activity 9 & 10 – planning and writing your own story


Angles in quadrilaterals – Whiterose week beginning (summer term week 2) 27th April Lesson 1. You might have to click on the - sign (found next to week beginning 20th April) to add on the next week’s work.

This work from the CGP books will reinforce your learning on angles in quadrilaterals. 1   2   Answers

Challenge activity:Nrich – make sure you read the problem fully before attempting to solve. Both can be done online

Geography – Do you know what a compass point is? Have a go at this activity, using compass directions to move around a map. Perhaps you could draw a map like this yourself. Make sure you know the answers before you ask a member of your family to work them out.

Compass activity

Have a good weekend