Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Year 6, welcome to another day in quarantine! Have you been adding to your diary? What was different about yesterday to the previous day?
Did anyone take a look at the BBC Bitesize stuff? What do you think?
I managed to call a few of your parents yesterday; it was nice to find out how you are all doing. Some parents mentioned that they were finding it difficult trying to get you to work! This work is not compulsory (as I keep saying) BUT it is important for your mental health to keep to a routine, even if it is just in the mornings. This routine should consist of exercise, some Maths and English and NOT your consoles/phones/electronic devices all day.
I know there are lots of you accessing the work I have been setting, completing it and some even sharing it with me via email–so thank you for your hard work.
Today’s daily tasks:
English – I am assuming that, if you have been following the daily tasks, you are up to Activity 4 Idioms (Year 6 Doors booklet). Please continue with this task – where you have to work out the meanings of the idioms
Activity 5 – Read ‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holub. Answer the questions on the poem
Activity 6 – Comprehension based on ‘The Sow-Walker’s son’
Maths – Use this session to catch up with the previously set tasks on angles.
Make sure that you have a good understanding on how to find the angles in a triangle. Do you know how to find missing angles? Tomorrow, I will be asking you move onto angles in a quadrilateral and regular polygons.
This is the overview for the unit of work of angles and what we would have been working through in class:
Measure with a protractor – Introduce angles – Calculate angles – Vertically opposite angles – Angles in a triangle (special cases and missing angles) – Angles in a quadrilaterals – Angles in regular polygon – Draw shapes accurately – Draw nets of 3D shapes.
If you are caught up, use this time to have a look at the BBC Bitesize website -
Geography – How about something different today? Can you confidently name countries and continents?
Try not to use the internet, until you are checking your answers.
Continents     Countries of the world     Countries of Europe

Science - If you have not tried any of the investigations yet, why not give one a go! Look back to Monday 20th April and choose one. Or I have uploaded some more here:

Fireworks in a glass   Sundial