Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Year 6, I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. I am in school this week and, as well as working with the children that are in school, I am endeavouring to call some of you – just to catch up and make sure you are all happy and healthy.

I noticed that ‘Wonder’ is on Film 4 tonight at 6:45pm. I will be setting some work on this book in the next couple of weeks, so it might help if you are able to watch it. I have also found an online copy of the text, so you could finish reading it. As a class, we got up to the chapter entitled ‘Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts’ (p160) –

Also, just to let you know, if you haven’t already seen it, BBC Bitesize are showing videos and uploading activities on a daily basis. I have looked at some and think they are great for revision purposes. For example, this week they are covering: rounding numbers and decimals and negative numbers in Maths and in English: nouns, pronouns and adjectives. Have a look yourself. What do you think?

If you still haven't tried a science investigation, go to Monday 20th and click on a chosen experiment to try.

Daily tasks are as follows:

English – Continue with the tasks set within the Talk4Writing pack: Doors – the world of possibility. (Year 6 Unit)

Activity 1 – Make a list of the things you are missing – You may have started this yesterday

Activity 2 – Use the list created in activity 1 to write a Poem, based on ‘The Magic box’. Wagolls shared in the booklet; you may have completed this yesterday, if so, please share your finished poems.

Activity 3 – Artistic challenge – design a door.

If you have completed all of these tasks already, please continue with the next tasks in the booklet.

Maths –Continue with the next WhiteRose lesson (3) Angles in a Triangle (special cases)

Extension – CGP pages. Angles in shapes 1  2  Answers   Angles in shapes 3  4 5  Answers  (I am sorry, I have tried everything to make these the right way round but for some reason they keep uploading the wrong way! I really am not very technically minded, as you can probably tell!)

If you are struggling with angles – why not try the BBC Bitesize website and the revision maths lessons?