Monday 20th April 2020

Well, hello again Year 6, welcome to the Summer Term! How are you all? Have you been in contact with friends and family over the 'Easter break'? Has the novelty of being at home worn off yet?I have had a lovely break, helped by the nice(ish) weather, although I did continue to home school my boys! We had a good routine going and I didn't want to spoil it! We are entering our fifth week of being at home now and still no idea of when we will be returning, I hope you have had a break (of sorts!) and now are ready to get back into your learning routine. 

Remember to continue adding to your personal diary. I look forward to reading these when we school reopens.

Your daily tasks for today are:

English - Over the last few weeks I have been in awe of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised (as of sunday evening) more than 21 million pounds for NHS charities, by walking around his garden. What an amazing man?! Please answer this comprehension, the answers are at the back. Next, I would like you to write your own newspaper report on the achievements of this man, using the example given on the Twinkl worksheet.

I am hoping that you have reading lots since you have been at home. I have had a few recommendations, but I would like you all to write/type at least one book review and email it to me so that I can upload it onto our class page.

Maths - Vertically opposite angles - Whiterose home learning followed by the extension task (answers are found here). Want a challenge? Try this.

Science - I would like you to attempt a science investigation this week. Below you will find several to choose at least one from (you might want to do all of them!) Please ensure you write up your investigation, paying particularly attention to your results; remember, you could take photos as evidence.

Design and Test a parachute   Dissolving sugar at different heats   Gravity free water

How does a torch work?          How does an ice cube melt?            Make an egg float in salty water