Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello Year 6, well today marks two weeks since you were last at school...can you believe it? Today, we should have been breaking up for the Easter holidays and looking forward to two weeks off school! My, how things have changed! I will not be setting any daily tasks for the two weeks of the 'Easter break', however, if you are interested, I have a Easter holiday booklet, which is full of interesting and more creative activities for you to attempt, also there is some french work that Madam Elena has suggested you could do. Otherwise, I will be back as usual, updating the website with your daily tasks from Monday 20th April. 

English task for today - I hope you have enjoyed studying The Jabberwocky - at first this poem should have seemed completely incomprehensible. Now, however, after working through some of the set activities, you should have been able to translate the poem into modern day language. 

Click on the names to find out how some of the children interpreted the poem:

Ben      Zac     Lily  Molly

Today, I would like you to draw an image of what you think the Jabberwocky looks like. Label it with description from the poem, for example, "eyes of flame".

Once you have done this, watch the video clip of this poem. Does the image found in this video match yours? and

Also, scroll down, on this page, to November 22nd 2019 to my previous class' year 6 assembly. They performed a puppet show of the Jabberwocky. Did you interpret it the same as the previous year 6 class?

Maths task for today - I would like you to complete the final task for your angles work, found on the WhiteRose page. Lesson 5 - Calculating angles . Complete the set activity found alongside the video to support.

Extension - try this sheet

If you didn't manage to try the NRICH challenges yesterday, have a go, if you have time today.

A further challenge could be to produce an information page, helping younger children to measure and calculate angles.