Friday 27th March 2020

Hello Year 6, thank you so much for your lovely emails yesterday - they all made me smile. It was so nice just to touch base with some of you, believe it or not I am missing you all. I will obviously not be setting work over the weekends, so these tasks are the last for this week. I want you to enjoy your weekend: relax, watch movies, read, talk, phone or video call loved ones and friends. On Monday, we will begin the week again with your daily tasks.

Today, your tasks are as follows:

English - Click on this link

Find the 'Titanium' video (second one down). Watch the first minute and then stop. What has happened? What caused it? Why?

Now, watch the video to the end, making notes on what is happening throughout. Using your excellent descriptive writing skills, write a recount from the point of view of the boy. 

Maths - Please complete pages in, what would normally be, your maths homework book. Complete sections A, B and C. If, for some reason, you did not take this book home, please click on the links 'Maths Knowledge organiser' for information and 'quiz' for completion  in the Maths support section of this page (below). Please complete in your exercise book.

The answers for the quiz can be found here (page1) here (page 2) here (page 3)