Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello again Year 6. How many of you are completing a PE lesson with Joe Wicks every morning? I am doing it with my boys, which is hilarious, but it is important to try and stay active during this time at home. If you want to have a go, here's the link -

How did you get on with the Alma task yesterday? Did you improve it?

Your daily tasks today are:

English - Complete up to three tests from your Reading comprehension booklet and then from your Grammar booklet. If, from some reason, you did not receive these in your pack. Complete reading comprehension tasks found here -

Maths - Using this website follow 'Year 6', 'Maths' and then 'Ratios and rates' (O.1 - O.7). Make sure you click on 'Learn with an example' as this will support your learning. Any work you might want to note down or questions you want to answer, can be done in your exercise book. Remember that we haven't covered this yet in class (it was suppoesed to be this week's work!). Good luck

***There appears to be a problem with this website. So, instead, use these websites to support you Ratio learning - and Sorry about that!