Good morning, Year 5. I hope that your holiday has been happy and healthy and that you are ready to put the chocolates down and get back to learning. 

While we are forced to work from home again, I shall be posting work for you to do each day. I will be putting it here on the website and also sending it to you via the magic of Microsoft Teams. I am sure there will be a few teething troubles as we go along, but don't panic! This period of home learning will only be for a short time and you will be able to get to grips with the work quickly and we will be able to sort out any issues without tears, tantrums or meltdowns (and that goes for me as much as you - this is all quite new to us and we will have to work together to find the best way to operate).


Tuesday 5th January 2021

Today the tasks are as follows:


We are going to have a look at PERIMETER and AREA over the coming days. Have a look at the presentation below and then complete the worksheet. You can write the answers on paper and send them to me that way or you can print the sheet and write on it before scanning it and sending it to me. (I will be talking about that during our Teams meeting). You will need to be very careful to be accurate with your rulers when measuring.


Measuring Perimeter Slideshow Presentation 

Measuring Perimeter Worksheet



English Video Explanation

Please look at this week's Spelling words on the sheet below. You will need a dictionary to check the spellings are all correct. Folow the instructions on the sheet.

Spring Spellings 1 : Dictionary Check


There is also a story to read below called 'The Game'. There will be work to follow about the story over the week and then, at the end of it all, we will be writing our own story. First of all, you should read the story out loud.


The Game

Danny and Susie were bored. It was wet play again and it felt like they

hadn’t seen the playground for weeks. Rivers of greasy rain streaked the

classroom windowpanes and pooled to make gigantic puddles in the centre

of the netball court. Another lunchtime inside was clearly stressing Mrs

Allbright, as she seemed to be tense and a bit more snappy than usual.

She sat at her desk with a steaming cup of tea and marked books with

the ferocity of a wild beast. To top it all, every good game was being used

and only the tub of dominoes was left. Everyone knew that half of them

were missing and the other half had been chewed by the school ‘Reading

Dog’. Danny and Susie searched the classroom for something to do.

To their dismay, the comic box was empty, the iPads had been snapped up

by Freya and her gang and Billy seemed to have started a resurgence of

the game Slap, which didn't look like fun at all. As the two friends

squeezed past the art table to get to the wet-play books, a tatty,

cardboard box fell from the top shelf of the bookcase. Susie picked it


“I’ve never seen this game before,” she said, wiping the dust from the

unusual lid. It was embossed with intricate patterns and around the

edges were pictures of animals, insects and other strange creatures.

“An animal game? Boring!” said Danny, already losing interest.

“Oh come on, let’s play. There’s nothing else to do,” suggested Susie,

smiling widely and shaking the box.

They sat down in a quiet corner, lifted the lid and took out the board.


Stop reading at this point. It is an interesting part of the story and a good opportunity to have a think. Before you continue I would like you to write down what you think will happen. Just a few ideas - and then read the rest of the story.


“Looks simple enough,” said Danny, ever impatient, as he set the counters
onto the start line. They were jungle animals: a rhino and a jaguar. He also
shuffled the game cards and laid them in a neat pile. “Let’s just start and
learn as we go.”
Susie went first. She grasped the dice and threw them down onto the
centre of the board. An eight! She moved her rhino eight paces, to land
on an orange-coloured square. It showed a picture of a giant Tarantula.
She lifted a game card and read it out. “If you do not catch this beast,
then you’re on the menu for its next feast.” She stared at Danny and
shrugged. “I don't get it!” she said.
At that moment, the table began to shake, the windows rattled and the
floor vibrated. Everyone stopped what they were doing and the room fell
“EARTHQUAKE!” shouted Billy, bursting into laughter. He soon stopped,
as in a blink of an eye, an enormous spider, bigger than a horse, shot out
of the game and landed in the centre of the crowded classroom. Everyone
froze. Its enormous, hairy legs were tensed, ready to pounce and its
whole body seemed to pulse. Eight, bulging eyes scanned the room and
then ...
It sprung into action. It crushed the tables, smashed the windows and
flung children all around the classroom with a flick of its legs. It powered
towards Mrs Allbright as she stood rooted to the floor in terror. The
room was filled with shrieks of panic and despair.
“What shall we do?” shouted Danny desperately, pressing himself tightly
against the wall.
“Read the instructions,” ordered Susie. “We have to stop it!”
Quickly, they scrabbled around to find the box underneath all the mess.
They rescued it from under a pile of maths books and scanned the
upturned lid to read the instructions. All the while, the spider got closer
and closer to their teacher. It stretched out its forelegs, ready to grab
her. Her eyes widened in horror as she realised what was coming next.
“It says we’ve got to throw two sixes to end the game,” screeched Danny,
looking pale. Susie grasped the dice again. She threw and she threw and
she threw. No luck. She glanced up and saw the spider had her teacher in
its grasp. Its striped legs were holding her in a vice-like grip. She threw
again and then again, faster and faster each time and then, just as she
was losing all hope, TWO SIXES!
Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a loud hissing sound. It pierced the
air and everyone covered their ears. A flash of light streaked through
the classroom and the game rattled into life. It started to suck
everything into a vortex in the centre of the room: the mess, the
children, the spider, Mrs Allbright. There was an almighty boom and then
... nothing.
Danny and Susie opened their eyes. Everything was back to normal; even
Mrs Allbright was back in her chair, marking with the ferocity of a wild
beast. Then the bell went.
“Pack up, Class 5!” ordered Mrs Allbright. “Science starts in two minutes
and we’re looking at animals in their habitats.”
Susie looked at Danny and raised her eyebrows. They carefully packed
the contents of the game back into the box. Everything went in except
the dice and the animal counters, which Susie wrapped in a paper towel
and placed into the bin instead. They put the lid on the box and lifted it
high up onto the bookshelf. They never wanted anyone to play that game,
ever again!
Everyone settled down to afternoon lessons. Everyone, that was, except
Billy. He had spotted something on top of the bookshelf that he’d never
noticed before and he intended to investigate it, the very next time they
were in for wet play ...


This story is a finding story and it follows a plot pattern similar to lots of other stories. Can you recognise the pattern? 

1.   Opening - Introduces the main character/s (MC)

2.   Build up - MC goes somewhere and finds an unusual/amazing/important object

3.   Problem - Something goes wrong – it is the fault of the object

4.   Resolution - MC puts back/hides/throws away the object - the problem is solved

5.   Ending - All is well again and lessons have been learnt


Can you say what happens in The Game at each plot point? (Write it down as notes so you can remind yourself of the story easily - maybe you can use your notes to try to retell the story as closely as possible as the original version).



Topic Video Explanation

Our Spring topic is FLIGHT. This is a facinating topic all about things that fly and how they do it. To start off, I would like you to create a mind map of what you already know. This could be about the trips you have taken on a plane or the birds you have seen in your garden and everything in between! Think about what you have seen that is connected to flight and create a picture map (you could draw it or create it on the computer). This will be used as a starting point in your topic books so make it neat and colourful. 

There will also be a video showing how to make a super flying machine of your own to try out.  


Have a nice day.


Mr Ward.