Good morning, Year 5. I hope that your holiday has been happy and healthy and that you are ready to put the chocolates down and get back to learning. 

While we are forced to work from home again, I shall be posting work for you to do each day. I will be putting it here on the website and also sending it to you via the magic of Microsoft Teams. I am sure there will be a few teething troubles as we go along, but don't panic! This period of home learning will only be for a short time and you will be able to get to grips with the work quickly and we will be able to sort out any issues without tears, tantrums or meltdowns (and that goes for me as much as you - this is all quite new to us and we will have to work together to find the best way to operate).


Tuesday 5th January 2021

Today the tasks are as follows:


We are going to have a look at PERIMETER and AREA over the coming days. Have a look at the presentation below and then complete the worksheet. You can write the answers on paper and send them to me that way or you can print the sheet and write on it before scanning it and sending it to me. (I will be talking about that during our Teams meeting). You will need to be very careful to be accurate with your rulers when measuring.


Measuring Perimeter Slideshow Presentation 

Measuring Perimeter Worksheet



English Video Explanation

Please look at this week's Spelling words on the sheet below. You will need a dictionary to check the spellings are all correct. Folow the instructions on the sheet.

Spring Spellings 1 : Dictionary Check


There is also a story to read below called 'The Game'. There will be work to follow about the story over the week and then, at the end of it all, we will be writing our own story. First of all, you should read the story out loud.


The Game

Danny and Susie were bored. It was wet play again and it felt like they

hadn’t seen the playground for weeks. Rivers of greasy rain streaked the

classroom windowpanes and pooled to make gigantic puddles in the centre

of the netball court. Another lunchtime inside was clearly stressing Mrs

Allbright, as she seemed to be tense and a bit more snappy than usual.

She sat at her desk with a steaming cup of tea and marked books with

the ferocity of a wild beast. To top it all, every good game was being used

and only the tub of dominoes was left. Everyone knew that half of them

were missing and the other half had been chewed by the school ‘Reading

Dog’. Danny and Susie searched the classroom for something to do.

To their dismay, the comic box was empty, the iPads had been snapped up

by Freya and her gang and Billy seemed to have started a resurgence of

the game Slap, which didn't look like fun at all. As the two friends

squeezed past the art table to get to the wet-play books, a tatty,

cardboard box fell from the top shelf of the bookcase. Susie picked it


“I’ve never seen this game before,” she said, wiping the dust from the

unusual lid. It was embossed with intricate patterns and around the

edges were pictures of animals, insects and other strange creatures.

“An animal game? Boring!” said Danny, already losing interest.

“Oh come on, let’s play. There’s nothing else to do,” suggested Susie,

smiling widely and shaking the box.

They sat down in a quiet corner, lifted the lid and took out the board.


Stop reading at this point. It is an interesting part of the story and a good opportunity to have a think. Before you continue I would like you to write down what you think will happen. Just a few ideas - and then read the rest of the story.


“Looks simple enough,” said Danny, ever impatient, as he set the counters
onto the start line. They were jungle animals: a rhino and a jaguar. He also
shuffled the game cards and laid them in a neat pile. “Let’s just start and
learn as we go.”
Susie went first. She grasped the dice and threw them down onto the
centre of the board. An eight! She moved her rhino eight paces, to land
on an orange-coloured square. It showed a picture of a giant Tarantula.
She lifted a game card and read it out. “If you do not catch this beast,
then you’re on the menu for its next feast.” She stared at Danny and
shrugged. “I don't get it!” she said.
At that moment, the table began to shake, the windows rattled and the
floor vibrated. Everyone stopped what they were doing and the room fell
“EARTHQUAKE!” shouted Billy, bursting into laughter. He soon stopped,
as in a blink of an eye, an enormous spider, bigger than a horse, shot out
of the game and landed in the centre of the crowded classroom. Everyone
froze. Its enormous, hairy legs were tensed, ready to pounce and its
whole body seemed to pulse. Eight, bulging eyes scanned the room and
then ...
It sprung into action. It crushed the tables, smashed the windows and
flung children all around the classroom with a flick of its legs. It powered
towards Mrs Allbright as she stood rooted to the floor in terror. The
room was filled with shrieks of panic and despair.
“What shall we do?” shouted Danny desperately, pressing himself tightly
against the wall.
“Read the instructions,” ordered Susie. “We have to stop it!”
Quickly, they scrabbled around to find the box underneath all the mess.
They rescued it from under a pile of maths books and scanned the
upturned lid to read the instructions. All the while, the spider got closer
and closer to their teacher. It stretched out its forelegs, ready to grab
her. Her eyes widened in horror as she realised what was coming next.
“It says we’ve got to throw two sixes to end the game,” screeched Danny,
looking pale. Susie grasped the dice again. She threw and she threw and
she threw. No luck. She glanced up and saw the spider had her teacher in
its grasp. Its striped legs were holding her in a vice-like grip. She threw
again and then again, faster and faster each time and then, just as she
was losing all hope, TWO SIXES!
Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a loud hissing sound. It pierced the
air and everyone covered their ears. A flash of light streaked through
the classroom and the game rattled into life. It started to suck
everything into a vortex in the centre of the room: the mess, the
children, the spider, Mrs Allbright. There was an almighty boom and then
... nothing.
Danny and Susie opened their eyes. Everything was back to normal; even
Mrs Allbright was back in her chair, marking with the ferocity of a wild
beast. Then the bell went.
“Pack up, Class 5!” ordered Mrs Allbright. “Science starts in two minutes
and we’re looking at animals in their habitats.”
Susie looked at Danny and raised her eyebrows. They carefully packed
the contents of the game back into the box. Everything went in except
the dice and the animal counters, which Susie wrapped in a paper towel
and placed into the bin instead. They put the lid on the box and lifted it
high up onto the bookshelf. They never wanted anyone to play that game,
ever again!
Everyone settled down to afternoon lessons. Everyone, that was, except
Billy. He had spotted something on top of the bookshelf that he’d never
noticed before and he intended to investigate it, the very next time they
were in for wet play ...


This story is a finding story and it follows a plot pattern similar to lots of other stories. Can you recognise the pattern? 

1.   Opening - Introduces the main character/s (MC)

2.   Build up - MC goes somewhere and finds an unusual/amazing/important object

3.   Problem - Something goes wrong – it is the fault of the object

4.   Resolution - MC puts back/hides/throws away the object - the problem is solved

5.   Ending - All is well again and lessons have been learnt


Can you say what happens in The Game at each plot point? (Write it down as notes so you can remind yourself of the story easily - maybe you can use your notes to try to retell the story as closely as possible as the original version).



Topic Video Explanation

Our Spring topic is FLIGHT. This is a facinating topic all about things that fly and how they do it. To start off, I would like you to create a mind map of what you already know. This could be about the trips you have taken on a plane or the birds you have seen in your garden and everything in between! Think about what you have seen that is connected to flight and create a picture map (you could draw it or create it on the computer). This will be used as a starting point in your topic books so make it neat and colourful. 

There will also be a video showing how to make a super flying machine of your own to try out.  


Have a nice day.


Mr Ward.



Home Learning Booklet Year 5

School Closure Home Learning

Please find work for each day posted here. Try to keep to a regular routine so that you are able to have a go at the work at a time when you are fresh and your brain is functioning best. Keep healthy and make good choices about how you work - you are in control of your learning. There are other things happening in our world which will get better in time. By focusing on the things you can control, you will be able to stay happy. This is my most important task for you and you should think about it every day. Look after yourselves.

Mr Ward.



Have you been practising your football skills? Share your Super Soccer Skills with the rest ofthe school. Send a video of yourself showing off your skills to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will post them here. (Remember to tell me that you and your parents are happy to share your video on the website.)

To give you some inspiration, here are a few videos that I have already received. Can you guess who the mystery footballers are?

palmer    lukas   football challenge  harry pic  harry bin  zach image


Keeping in with the art week theme, I have been sent a magnificent leaf creation that gave me the idea to challenge all football fans to send me their club's badge or emblem created from nature.

Can you guess which clubs they are?


Friday 22nd May

It seems strange that I have not mention Joe Wicks all week. I hope you have been keeping active. If you need any help then these workouts might help to get you moving!

shiraz image   harry image   ben image



Well - what a creative art week it has been. You have really impresed me with the imagination and effort that you have combined to make these awesome art works. There are some roaring good efforts here!


I really hope you have enjoyed it - keep sending in your work to share. I had a lovely time making my painting!



Some of you have been thinking about art in other ways and I just wanted to share this picture with you that has been created digitally. It is a lovely picture and I wonder if there is a story to go with it. Maybe somebody is comforting or congratulating their friend, maybe they are a dance duo about to audition for Britain's Got Talent. If you can think of a nice back story to this picture then send it in to me (maybe you could use those Super Sentence Stackers Skills!). Perhaps you might have a go at making your own digital artwork - I have seen some brilliant apps that are for digital photo editing - maybe you could learn how to use one of them.

Here is Amelia's digital picture.


amelia ballerina


It is now the end of a full half term in lockdown while you have been home-schooling. Well done and please give yourselves and your home school teachers a nice pat on the back. It would have been lovely to have a celebratory assembly but as that is not possible, I thought I would post a few nice songs for you to have a go at singing together. Mark Twain - a very famous author once said, 'Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth'. Have a go and see how you feel. These songs are from Out Of the Ark and they have made some resources avaiable to help create a home school play. I am hoping to be able to get us to do that together - so watch this space. The songs for the play are in a similar style to these ones so it would be a good practice. Let me know how you find learning these songs, please.

Click the link for the songs:

7 Days A Week

Brighter Day Tomorrow

Clap Hands! Stamp Feet!

(There is an actvitiy challenge for this song - take a picture of yourself doing each of the emotions and send them to me so that I can make a class emotions montage to post on here)

Co-ordination Funk

I've Got A Cardboard Box 

(Challenge for this song is to send in the most creative use of a cardboard box)


Some of these songs are sweet but I know that you might have your own favourite songs. I have a friend who is a DJ and I would like you to send in your favourite music requests so that I can ask him to create a Year Five Playlist we can all share. So if you have a favourite song that makes you happy or even if it makes you sad, maybe makes you want to dance or that you can't help singing along with (out loud!) thn send me your requests. 

Here is a song by Ariana Grande - it is my message to you that out of all bad things, there are are good things that follow. How many famous singers can you spot?

One Last Time



I will post any work I receive throughout next week - but I will not be giving you any work. It is half term and you have earned a rest. I know that many of you might have been planning a trip or a holiday during the break that you will not be able to go on now; I am sure there will be trips to be had in the future but why not take the chance to have a real Staycation?

ben camping


I was sent this picture by Ben, who tells me that the campsite at his house has the best homemade breakfast ever. I am going to put my tent up and my paddling pool and pretend I am in France. Whatever you do stay safe and stay happy. Human and Kind - Be Both.

Mr Ward.


PS For those of you who enjoyed the Dingbats - remeber you can always find lots of resources on the internet and there are always the Family Maths Challenges to try out.

Can you work this one out?

What is a good anagram for ELEVEN PLUS TWO ?


Thursday 21st May 

Good morning. I know that you have all been busy as bees creating some super art. Here are some more amazing pictures of your work. I hope you enjoy them!



If you are as inspired by the nature pictures as I am, perhaps you might add an extra element to the class gallery by writing down a nice paragraph about one of the pictures - maybe your own or maybe somebody else's. You could give a leaf animal an adventure to go on, or maybe use your descriptive writing to describe the vibrant colours in one of the pictures. It's all about your creativity, so I'm sure you will come up with some awesome ideas.


I have a Super Extension Art Challenge for you. Follow the link to see an art programme called the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. In this episode he is painting a mountain stream. My through the keyhole picture of when the lockdown ends would definitely have a mountain in it - I can't wait to go climb a mountain again. The programme shows a way to create a painting step by step; it is not easy and you might have to pause the programme and make up some of your own rules. Bob Ross uses oil paint but I imagine that not very many of you will have that available - he also uses big brushes and pallette knives from time to time which you might not have. He paints onto big canvases and you might not have one of them either. Gosh, what a lot of obstacles to over-come! I am going to spend a little time today finding some materials to use to create the mountain stream picture. I think that I have a nice big cardboard box that I will use as my canvas and when I redecorated my daughters bedroom recently I found a few big decorating paint brushes which I might use too. I might even have a little spatula that I could use. Maybe you could watch the programme to see what he does and get an idea of how to do it, and then find you own version of the materials you will need - you could even just use a pencil and paper, if you like. I am going to challenge Mrs Holden, Miss Stavrinides and Mrs Hepke to make their own version of the painting too. 

Have a go at the challenge some time before the end of the week and send me a picture of them so I can share your creations on the webpage. 

Here is the link to the programme. (It is on BBC iPlayer so you might need an adult sign in to be able to access it.)

Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting : Mountain Stream


Good luck with whatever challenges you choose and have fun.

Mr Ward.



P.S. Inside my head - I am as relaxed as Bob Ross and my hair is the same as his! Mrs Ward says I am more like Ross Kemp!

ross kemp           bob ross


What do you think? (Actually - don't answer that!)







Wednesday 20th May

Good morning. I hope that your parents received my message yesterday - if they haven't had an email from me then could you please ask them to send me a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You have been so creative! My inbox is full of nature and brimming with creative art. I am going to be sharing lots of pictures here shortly - so look back soon to see the Year 5 Lockdown Art Gallery. Keep the brilliant work coming.


Can you find your friend's work in the art gallery?





Today's Google Doodle marks what would have been Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's 61st birthday. He is most well known for one particularly famous song but his story is an interesting one. If you have never looked at the Google Doodle archive then I think you might enjoy having a look now. It is a fun way to learn some facts about lots of different topics and people (see 29 Oct 2012 for a clue about something I am planning for later in the week).

google doodle 2 Click on the image to hear the song. The Google Doodle Archive is here. 


Were you stumped by any of yesterday's DINGBATS? Here are the answers.


Enjoy the glorious sunshine but stay safe. This song might help you to remember what is important.

Remember The Sunscreen


Mr Ward.





Tuesday 19th May

Good morning, Year 5 Artists. Thank you for the art work that I have already been receiving. I think you have been inspired by the great outdoors! I am looking forward to seeing lots more. I thought you might like to have a bit of a sing-a-long today, to go with your art. There are some links to three songs below. The Spring Song is quite cheery - there are also some backing parts - perhaps you could make a performance along with your parents. (Actually - this song is very nice but when I listened to it again when I wasn't in such a good mood, I found that it made me a little less happy for some reason. So, if you feel like it, maybe you could rewrite the lyrics to suit your mood). The Music Italiano song is a fun song that will help you to learn some important musical terms. And finally Thank You For The Music by ABBA is just a nice song that you might be able to describe parts of using those Italian musical terms. (Did your family enjoy watching the Eurovision extravaganvza at the weekend?).

*small side note as I was writing that last section, my cat came throught the catflap with a bird in her mouth! It caused quite a curfuffle in our house. Isn't life a strange thing? Two weeks ago I was beside myself with worry about her and now I am chasing her about telling her off!

The Spring Song

Actvity sheet for The Spring Song

Music Italiano Song

Activity sheet for Music Italiano Song

ABBA - Thank you For the Music


Are you a word detective? Do you think you could solve these DingBat clues? Maybe you could challenge your family to solve them too. There are 120 words to work out - so good luck. Answers tomorrow because if you are stuck on any then it will drive you mad to have to wait until then for the answer! (mean)



I saw this recipe idea when I wwas in the nursery play area last week. I have been practicing making it. You might like to add a task to your art project to create your own nature recipe - maybe macaroni trees? Scrambled logs? Let me know if you think of any good ideas. (If there any really good ones, we might be able to use them to do some story telling).

leaf lasagne


You may have seen on the news - where have you been if you haven't? - that there is a plan to get schools ready to re-open for some children. You may have also noticed (I know what you are like) that there have been lots of adults discussing this. I have not seen many children on the news talking about how they feel about it. Maybe you could have a chat with your parents and send me a little message explaining how you feel about the plans for re-opening schools. 

Have a lovely, creative day.


Mr Ward.


P.S. There is always time for reading and maths around the house. You know where Mrs C and Mr Wicks are hiding - remember that you and your home school teachers make the rules at your school so if you fancy doing some of those important things too, then feel free to do so.



Monday 18th May

Good morning lockdown home school heroes. I hope that nice things happened for you and your family this weekend. It was my son's birthday yesterday - he is now officially a teenager! I am very proud of him and we enjoyed celebrating all weekend with lashings of cake and silly games and retelling of favourite family stories. It was also a very sad time for me because I found out that an aunt of mine had passed away. She and my uncle had always been very kind to me and helped to give me some opportunities that I may never have had a chance to have otherwise. These events made me think about the ups and downs we all experience - and how they may be even more accentuated at the present time, as we are all experiencing such extraordinary circumstances. If you would like to, I would be interested to hear from anybody who has had to contend with a big event during lockdown and how it made you feel. I know that there have birthdays and special occasions  and I also know that there have been days when some of you just wanted to stay in bed and give that particular day a miss! Talk to your grown ups about it - you might be surprised to find that they have some very wise things to share with you - they have been around for a long time, you know, and experienced a lot of the same feelings that you have.

I received one very positive message this weekend which summed up how good things can come out of bad situations. Harry H's dad sent me a message about a run that they had completed on Saturday. It was a sponsored run - quite a long one - to raise money for a charity which helps families and victims of the Hillsborough stadium disaster (a terribly sad event that is very close to my own heart). Harry's dad told me that it was the proudest run he has ever done because he was doing it with his son. Well done to them - and well done to all of you who continue to do amazing things during this difficult time. 


This week is a special week for Ladbrooke School. So special that I think Miss Webster should tell you about it. Here is a message from her:


Dear Ladbrooke. 

In school the week before May half term is always an art week and we see no reason for this to change this year.  For one week only your children will focus solely on art.  Please look at the document attached/below.  The children can choose to focus on one challenge or if they are feeling very arty they may attempt them all.  As it is half term next week and no work will be set during this week, they could spend two weeks on these projects.

The theme is Nature Around Us and the challenges are based on using things they may find on their walks around parks and in your gardens to create art.  We hope you will have a lot of fun.  

Here is the Art Week Challenge Activity Sheet


And here is a message from Mrs Petrou, our school art co-ordinator:


We would then love to have a gallery of the children's work displayed on the website. If you would like send a picture of your child holding their art work and tell us what they enjoyed most about this activity, you can email this to Mrs Petrou @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Of course, Mr Ward would also love to see your art work so send me a copy too, please!!


I understand that for some of you, having a routine of school work is important in helping your house to keep a good structure and to help you keep busy. Therefore I will add in links to some other activities every day thatyou may choose to have a go at if you like. Don't forget you can always find the Super Sentence Stackers Lessons by following a link posted previously and you should know where to find PE wtih Joe by now.

Here is a lovely activity sheet that I noticed Mrs Romain had shared with Year 6 last week - it would have been SATS week last week and instead of tests they had some nice activities to have a go at - why not have a look at them and see if you fancy trying any yourself. (I would also recommend that you take a little time to look around the other class pages of the website - there have been some brilliant tasks set by the other teachers, who really are very creative! You might find something you would like to try out yourself).

Mrs Romain's Activity Grid

Keep me updated about how you are getting on. I love to hear about your lockdown lives - and I think that for some of you they might have changed slightly since last weekend. Perhaps you might have been out and seen a friend from a social distance of two metres, or you might have been further afield for a healthy walk. I know that some parents might have had to return to their work places and that might have changed how you do your home schooling. 

I hope you fall headfirst into these lovely art activities and enjoy being creative. 

Mr Ward.

Friday 15th May

Good morning, Year Five.

Today is Super Hero Friday over at PE with Joe - I am at school so I have decided to go dressed up as an art teacher super hero. My special power is to make very quick arty sketches to help put a smile on people's faces - and my super hero name is Pablo Fiasco. I hope you are keeping a smile on your faces while you keep fit and healthy. Why not sned me a picture of you dressed up as a super hero with some explanation of your super powers and I can share it with the rest of the class. (Maybe you are Lucy Lockdown - special power keeping your distance, or Digman - the garden specialist, super power digging holes for plants, maybe you are Home School Girl - super power thinking up creative home school tasks like painting with cold tea.)

PE with Joe



Today's Super Sentence Stackers lesson is here.

The film is here - Lifted

The chunking sheet is here.

As always - this is not compulsory but all of the work that I have received from you has been amazing. By now you might even have developed some idea of the type of writing challenges Mrs C likes to give out. If you are finding it tricky to spend the time to watch the lesson and then write, perhaps you could have a go at watching the film and just giving yourself a challenge - choose your own sentence challenges and send the writing to me to have a guess what challenge you thought of. (Although the lessons are still very helpful - but at your home school, you and your parents make the rules, so do whatever works best for you.)


Now, I know some of you are missing some straight forward question and answer reading comprehension. So, I have collected some nice reading comprehension activities that you might like to have a look at if you ever fancy something other than a writing challenge. If you do then send me an email and ask me for the reading comprehension files. (Unfortunately, they are too large to post here on the webpage and so I will have to email them directly to you.)



Today, the maths challenge is to solve as many of these super maths problems as you can as a whole family. Good luck.

If you would like to test your arithmetic skills then this weeks Arithmetic Test might be for you. Let me know how you get on with it.

Arithmetic Test 3



Keep Fit, Keep Cool, Keep Strong

Mr Palmer and his very good friends at CSE have beenbusy making some reources to help you all stay healthy. Find a suggested timetable and a letter for parents below. When you log in, I would like to recommend the Be Mindful section of the site - it has lots of excellent ways for you to relax and think positively during this strange time away from school. Heve a go and let me know what you think - I like Hot Chocolate Breathing myself.

Letter For Parents

Suggested Timetable

Head over to the Fitter Future website here.

You will need the login details : Login as: STUDENT  Username : ladbrooke  Password : ladbrooke



Get ready for art week by having a go at this activity.


Be kind - to yourself and those arround you. xx

Mr Ward.



Thursday 14th May

Good morning. 

Thank you for all the lovely life drawing art work you have sent to me so far - keep them coming!

I have also had some very scientific robotic hands sent in to me already - I hear that the instructions were a little tricky to follow - but with a bit of scientific thinking you managed to get the job done. That is great because the robotic hand challenge is part of the Mission X - Train Like an Astronaut challenge that I have entered Year 5 into. So have a look at t he information on the link to find out about some of the things we will be doing in the near future.

Today I would like you to start the day with PE with Joe (or your usual workout - zumba, yoga, disco dance?). We have been having fun lunging about the school hall every morning this week but I must admit that the squat jumps are starting to make my thighs ache a little!



Over at BBC Bitesize there is a lesson about comparing and ordering fractions whose denominators are multiples of the same number - this is a skill that is always tested in end of year tests, and every year it can cause some problems so pay careful attention and you will be able to convert like pros in no time at all. There is a supporting video over at White Rose and if you send me an email I can send you back the Wite Rose worksheets for this week also. 

Tomorrow will be an arithmetic test day so keep calculating. If you have been having any issues with TT Rockstars, please let me know and I can issue you with a new password to help out. (Only one day left in the battle with year 6!)



Super Sentence stackers writing lesson can be found here.

Today's lovely film can be found here. Mouse for Sale.

Select your chunk from the sheet here.

Fancy something different? How about writing a nice book review? I know that you have all been keeping up with your reading - some of you are running out of books and can't wait to get to a library! You might like to write your own little review and send it in to share with the rest of the class. If you are really feeling adveturous, you might like to check out this excellent resource that will help you to make a really amazing book review - perhaps even a vlog book review. Follow this link to Challenge 1 - Write a Book Review and explore the videos and resources available at the litfilmfest website. If you click on the review template then you will find all the resources in a link on the template. I look forward to seeing what you do. (It may be a little tricky at first to work out how to use all the resources so a home-school hero teacher might need to help!)

So sorry!!

Updated links:

Reading Rocks Review - video resources.

There are lots of other resources there also but perhaps you could explore the ones you find interesting. The whole project is more substantial - five lessons - than I first understood, so I would recommend watching the videos and trying to make your own review instead of trying to follow the teaching sequence too closely.



I know some of you might feel like there is too much work - but there is no need to stress, if you just need to play and chill then that is fine too. Bu if you do want to carry on learning about the history of Crime and Punishment then click on the link to find out about Tudor Times. I particularly like the Fancy something different activity, which is all about the diferent opinions of richer and poorer people in Tudor times and how they view eachother. There is some good role play to be had in that acitivity.

Crime and Punishment in Tudor Times lesson plan


Information Slide Show (to follow at 10 am when I have been able to upload it!)


If you want to find out about this time period but want to chill while you are doing it, head over to Oak National Academy and watch Lessons 4,5 and 6 in the Humanities - medieval monarchs section (no need to do the work activities - just listen to the information in the lesson). This will give you a good idea about how society was the same and how it was different to our modern society.

However you spend your day - keep cheerful and keep to a routine. Stay positive and send me anything you want to share - I'd love to know if you have been gardening, the garden centres are opening up so I bet a few of you will be getting soil under fingernails pretty soon. 

Mr Ward.