Good morning Year 4.

I hope you are working through the work I’ve been setting without too many issues. The good news is that the internet in school now seems to be working ok, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can respond to you a little sooner today!


In your maths today, you are learning how to divide by 10. When you are dividing by a whole number, your answer will always be smaller than the number you started with. So, if you are diving by ten, you will use your trusty Place Value Chart and move the number one place to the right. Remember you are shepherds and need to keep all the numbers together when you move them. Don’t leave any behind and don’t add any new ones in!

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True or false? -

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In your English today you are going to be learning about complex sentences, using the conjunction ‘As’. We have done some work on this in class, when we have changed the order of sentences on the board.

Part of the lesson requires you to identify verbs. The video will explain what a verb is, but remember in class we have said that with many regular verbs if you can change the ending, then the word is most likely the verb in the sentence. For example:

Watch – I will watch the game tonight.

  • I will be watching the game tonight.
  • Last night, I watched the game

However, we can use some verbs as adjectives to describe the noun, so you need to be careful. e.g.  the driving rain. Here driving is an adjective.

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I hope you had some fun yesterday, exploring the inventions in your house. The one thing I don’t think I could do without would be my washing machine!

Your task for today is to design and make a model of an invention. Previous year groups have done washing machines, microwave ovens, a vacuum cleaner, laptop, mobile phone etc. Before you start your model you need to draw and label your design thinking about the things you will need to make your model. Think about what you will use for dials, keypads etc.

Attached is an example design.