Good Morning Year 4!

Welcome to your first home learning lesson in Year 4!


In class this week we have begun our first unit of Measures, starting with a recap of converting 1) metres to centimetres and 2) centimetres to millimetres.

You should already know the following:

1m = 100cm

so 365cm = 3m  65cm or 7m  18cm = 718cm

 1cm = 10mm

so 55mm = 5cm  5mm or  9cm  6mm = 96mm

With this in mind I would like you to measure various things around your house. Things which are longer than a metre and things which are less than a metre. You need to record them in a table which can be found here. Examples of how to record them are shown in the headings on the table. At this stage you are not converting the measurements into decimals.

Happy measuring!


As we have only literally just started our Information Texts unit, I have given you some work on poetry for today.The English curriculum says that you should be able to recite a poem that you have learned. For English Homework this week, I have given you a poem to copy for handwriting practise.

For your English lesson today, I want you to learn the poem off by heart, ready to recite on Friday. Additionally, you could add an extra verse or two,, thinking about what you could hear, if you held up other objects to your ear. Make sure you read the poem carefully and understand the link between what the subject is holding and what they hear.

If you left without collecting your homework, then the handwriting sheet can be found here.


After our Artists through History lesson that we did today, you might find something that you would like to draw at this website:

#DrawWithRob — Rob Biddulph

This may come in handy when we make our own animal books!

Make sure that you do some reading, and practise your times tables too.

See you on Friday - enjoy your day.

Mrs Dowdall


ICT  - We are meteorologists

As you know we have been looking at reading, recording and beginning to predict the weather.

Following last week’s lesson on describing the weather from give scenes, you are today going to use what you’ve learnt to write a mini weather report on the weather outside of your window.

Remember to use correct terminology and also record the time of your report.

For example:

At 3:30pm on Wednesday the 25th of November 2020 in Potters Bar it is dark and gloomy with a temperature of around 13 degrees Celsius. The skies are partially cloudy with a small chance of scattered showers and a gentle breeze blows in from a North Westerly direction.

For an extension, you could go onto the Internet and select another town, city and/or country to search for the current weather there and as like above create a weather report for it.

I look forward to reading them when we can all return back to school. Mr Smith