Wednesday 15th July 2020


Good morning Year 4. I hope you are all well and raring to get down to some work this morning. Just think… only 2 days left of the summer term after today, and then you are in Year 5!

For those of you who attended the picnic on Monday, I’m sure you will remember what Mr Ward told you. I am going to reiterate what he said. Basically, that this school year has seen some incredible events that are unprecedented. You have had more time off school than at any time since the Second World War (which would have been our summer term topic), and even then, school classes were set up in village halls, churches, in fact any large buildings that could accommodate large groups of children. We have not been able to set up direct face to face learning. However, what we have had, is the internet which has enabled us to provide lessons for you, so that you didn’t miss out. There are a wealth of different learning platforms that you can access over the summer. BBC Bitesize, Oak Academy, Top Marks, TT Rockstars - all of these offer lessons and games that you can follow, to help you keep your learning fresh. The school website will still be available to you and any lessons that I, or the other teachers have posted will remain available to you. So, if you have missed some learning, you still have a chance to catch up.

If you can’t access the internet, then read books, write a diary, practise your times tables. This will stand you in good stead for your start in Year 5.


Today’s focus is grammar. The web address below takes you to BBC Bitesize site, where there are a range of lessons on different aspects of grammar. I am going to leave you to choose which ones you do. In Year 4 we don’t cover passive and modal verbs, but you do in Year 5. We have covered ‘relative clauses’, but referred to them as embedded clauses. This was when we were focusing on using the 5Ws to add extra detail for our reader. The rest we have covered, but this is a good time to revisit them and make sure you are confident about them and what their role is.


I hope you have enjoyed the lessons from the last two days. They have certainly sparked discussion in the Year 4 classroom this week, which is great and exactly what they are designed to do.

Today’s lesson is all about number sequences and can be found here:


The final lesson in this unit of Growing Healthy Plants is all about the life cycle of a flower. This can be found here: