Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning Year 4. I hope you are all well and are looking forward to the weekend. Let’s hope we get some more dry, sunny weather!


Yesterday, you were researching an Olympic games or event, using the questions to help you organise your answers. Today you need to plan a non-fiction, information piece to showcase what you found.

Your main title will be your chosen research subject. For example, The Toyko Olympics 1964. Then you will need your sub-headings:

Introduction – when the games were held (dates), any new events, which cities were hosting events, which games was this e.g. 203rd, 88th etc

Traditions – who did they receive the torch from? Who did they hand the torch over to?

Facts about the country – which continent is it on? What is it famous for? Population, Language spoken, climate etc

Events – talk about the events being held. Are there any new ones? Any surprising ones? Brief explanation of what they are.

Records – what new records were set? Were there any surprises?

Results table – which country won the most medals? Who won the most gold/silver/bronze medals?

Mascot – what was it? Describe it.

You may already have some ideas for headings of your own, but if not the above should help you.

Today you need to organise your information ready for writing next week.


Today I want you to focus on your times tables. If you know them all, practise on Rock Stars and do another Sound Check. If you do not know them all, write your table out, make some cards, practise chanting it, practise that table on Hit the Button.


Your French lesson this week can be found here:



The next part of our topic, Helping Plants Grow is to learn about the different parts of a flower. Watch this short film clip which tells you about them:

Then, complete the worksheet attached.

Don't forget - I'm looking forward to seeing you at the picnic on Monday!