Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good Morning Year 4. Yesterday the key worker children had their own version of the Sock Olympics and produced some amazing scored to add to their house totals. Do make sure that you forward me your scores, so that I can update the spreadsheet. Well done to Shardae who scored over 120 points for her house. What a fantastic effort!


Yesterday was the last in the series of lessons about writing your own diary entry, imagining you had fallen into an internet game. I hope you enjoyed it and would love to see some of your writing. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Today’s English is a reading comprehension about the Rio Olympics in 2016. There are different levels of challenge which can be found here.

Ch1     Ch2     Ch3  


Your maths today is to classify and compare right angled and equilateral triangles and can be found here:


Our next lesson from this topic of plants is ‘transpiration’. This is the process by which water is transported from the roots to the flower. Watch this video which explains what happens:

Also as a recap to last week this video explains the functions of the different parts of the plant:

You could try the experiment at home by putting a white flower in some water with food colouring added. See what happens. How long does it take for it to change colour?

As an extension, can you think of a way that this experiment could be adapted, so that you can change something and see how it affects the outcome?