Friday 19th June 2020


Today you are carrying on with the Alien work. You are going to learn to ‘talk like an expert’. Basically, you have to imagine you are being interviewed about aliens, as you are the expert. The instructions tell you to answer the interview questions with most, some, many, a few as this sounds as though you know what you are talking about!

This is similar to the quotes you used in your Red Riding Hood newspaper report.

If you can, ask a parent or brother, sister to ask you the questions to make it feel more like an actual interview. Enjoy!

Once you have answered the questions, you have to re-write your sentences and make up some of your own questions. The challenge then asks you to create your own alien. This activity runs on pages 8 and 9 of the booklet.


If we had been in school, Year 4 would have taken their times table test, which is set by the government. The reason that this test has been introduced is that times tables and multiplication form the basis of many other maths calculations, so it is really important that you know them. Just because we are not actually in school, it does not mean that you shouldn’t practise your times table knowledge. I know that Mrs Romain has been pleased to see an increase in the number of year 4 children on the leader boards, so well done.

I have checked the Year 4 statistics today and notice that a few of you have not logged into the site since April. So, today your maths work is to log in to TT Rockstars (your log in and user names are in your planner) and complete a sound check. Your challenge is to score more than 15. Next week, I will check your scores.

If you have forgotten your user name/password, then please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send you the details.


Mme Elena has prepared another lesson for you this week which can be found here:

There is a worksheet also.

Road Safety

To finish off our Road Safety week there is a maze game you can play.