Good Morning Year 4.

Well, this week seems to have raced past and here we are again on Friday!


For your English today, I would like you to edit your story. Please do check the list of ‘slow write’ sentences that you had to include and make sure that you have them all. Also, check your speech punctuation in particular, to make sure you have commas inside the speech marks or between the speech and narrative, as these are the most common errors.


Today you have some reasoning cards for Statistics.


Mme Elena has made a video for you to watch which you can find here:

There is a worksheet to complete also.

As part of our PSHCE we would have been learning how to cross the road safely, had we been in school. With this in mind, I will be posting some road safety activities for you to complete next week, in addition to the maths, English and science.

Also, we would have been due to complete the government statutory times tables tests this month. Clearly this will not now go ahead, as we are not in school. However, TT Rock Stars has set up an alternative, so we can test ourselves and see just how good we are. As most of you did really well on the earlier trials we did, and have been practising, I will be posting the details next week, about how to complete the trial and would encourage you all to have a go.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Dowdall