Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning Year 4, I hope you have managed to stay dry through this rainy weekend and are ready and raring to do some more work today!


For our English we are carrying on with The King of the Fishes tale, and this week, by Friday we will have written our own versions.

I suggest that you re-read the story to remind yourselves of the key points.

Last week, you practised writing some descriptive sentences about other creatures, using the description of the Fish King as your starting point. You also wrote sentences which started with an adverbial, so may be able to use these in your own version of the story.

Pages 14 ‘Boxes’ the story up, in a similar way to which we do in class with the flipchart. Today you need to decide who your main character is going to save. Once you have done this you are going to draw it and then label it with key characteristics. This should help you with your description. Look at page 15 for some inspiration for your new character if you are struggling, or you could eve use one of the creatures you described on Thursday.

As we progress through writing our own story, you can be as inventive as you wish in regard to the character, but the story must follow the same basic idea of the main character being granted a wish by something he/she saves, as outlined in the boxing up sheet on page 14. As with stories in class, you can ‘magpie’ some sentences/description ideas, but please do not just re-write the original story.


This week we are continuing with our topic of statistics.

Over the next few days, I will be setting some revision tests covering what we have learned so far. Then, later in the week I will give you some challenge cards which require you to think deeper about the topic.

Test 1

You may also like to have a go at this game:


This week, instead of using a suffix (group of letters at the end of the word) we are learning prefixes – yes you’ve got it – these are a group of letters before the word. There is another wordsearch.

The prefixes we are learning are ‘im’ and ‘ill’. The word list can be found here. Adding the prefix ‘im’ gives a negative version of the word. So, for patient – meaning you are prepared to wait for something, becomes impatient, where you are not prepared to wait. ‘ill’ has the same effect – legal becomes illegal.