Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning Year 4.


I hope you were able to complete the sentences from yesterday’s work and did some of your own. Today I would light you to focus on the activity on page 12. We have already done a lot of work on description in our Stories from Other Cultures and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe so you are used to using adjectives to describe your nouns. Using the word ‘that’ gives extra detail, but you could use ‘which’ aswell. Using these words creates a relative clause – the clause tells you more about the noun.

Have a go at writing your own sentences using the picture prompts. You could challenge yourselves by thinking of some more animals to write about.

Suggested answers.


Today we are going to look at using tables for data. Tables are a very useful way of organising and recording data. The information in tables is then presented in pictograms, bar charts, line graphs etc.

Today’s work is here. There are 3 levels of challenge and you will be familiar with the format.

Also, as it has now been a while since we have been in school, there is an arithmetic test attached here. Before school closed, you had all made good progress in your arithmetic, and I hope that this has continued. You have 1 minute per question and there are 25 questions in this test. Remember to take your time, check your answers and remember ‘Strictly’ (place value) and the Fractions of Amount Hakka to help you solve some of the questions.

Summer test 1