Good Morning Year 4

I hope you are all well and managed the work from yesterday.

For your English today, I would like you work through pages 7-9. This is focusing on unknown words. As explained, words can have different meanings, depending on the context (the way you are using the word and the sentence you are trying to create).

Following the instructions on the sheet, you need to find and underline the words you do not know the meaning of. Draw a picture to represent the different meanings and then write sentences to show that you can use the words in different contexts. If there are no words in the story that you don’t know the meaning of, investigate these words instead:




You can, of course, investigate more words and create your own dictionary!


Following on from yesterday put these categories into the correct data type: discrete or continuous.

Children’s favourite crisp flavour

Children’s height

Length of leaves

Weight of potatoes

Colour of cars

Goals scored in a season

Oven temperature

Children’s birthday month

Number of people in a race

Time taken to run a race

Pages in a book

Population of a town

Sometimes with continuous data the numbers can be grouped. For example, for plant heights you could group it as follows:

0-10cm, 11-20cm, 21-30cm, 31-40cm etc.

In this case the bars would touch each other along the vertical sides.

Your activity today is to complete a graph from the data given and answer questions about the data.

There is only 1 challenge, and the questions are on a separate page. To challenge yourself you could make up some questions of your own.

Chgraph               ChQs                    


Continuing our topic of Animals including Humans, we are going to look at skeletons.

Before we start I would like you to draw a skeleton on to the outline of this body. This will be a good starting point and will show how much you have remembered from Year 2.

Then read this sheet about the different types of skeleton.

Once you have done that, there is a skeleton sorting activity. There are 3 levels and for Ch3 you will need to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of skeleton.

Ch1    Pics                                    Ch2      Pics                                  Ch3 Pics