Thursday 14th May

Hello, Year 4. I hope you are all keeping well and safe.


Today we are going to plan out newspaper report. Before we do, I want you to watch this film clip about fact and opinion.

Remember fact is something that actually happened, exists or can be backed up with data. Opinion is what somebody thinks about something. Note from the animation, that people can sometimes form an opinion about something without knowing the facts. This is an important life skill for you to think about as you grow up. Always check out the facts, so that you can have an informed opinion. This doesn’t mean, of course, that everyone’s opinion will be the same. That’s what makes for a good debate!

I hope you enjoyed reading the article about Little Miss Muffet. Today you are going to plan your own report about Little Red Riding Hood and her great escape. You know the story well from doing the poem. Attached is a pro-forma which explains what you need to put where. Remember if you can, to use alliteration and descriptive vocabulary for the characters. Ask someone in your house to be one of the characters so that you can include a quote (or they could interview you and you can be the character), and ask for their opinion so you can add that too.


I hope you were able to find the mistakes in the bar chart you worked on yesterday. Today you have a bar chart to interpret. There are 3 levels of challenge.

Ch1                                        Ch2                                        Ch3


Our new topic is Animals, including humans. The first part of this is knowing about eating healthily as humans, but also knowing how plants feed.

Watch this film clip about how plants produce energy and grow.

Once you have watched the clip, have a go at completing the photosynthesis worksheet attached. If you are unable to download it, draw a picture of a plant and try and label the relevant parts with the processes using these words:


Carbon dioxide






The following clip talks about Healthy Eating and the main food groups.

There is a short film clip and then a quiz. Once you have completed this you can compile your own healthy food plate, with your favourite things.