Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 4. I hope you’ve enjoyed the extended Bank Holiday weekend weather, even though you have not been able to do all the things you would normally on a Bank Holiday.

I mentioned last week that we would be having Art week, but unfortunately, I got the date wrong – it is next week!! So, this week we will start our new topic of Statistics in maths.


In English we are going to build up to writing a newspaper report, about an incident that you are all familiar with. First, though, we need to remind ourselves about recounts. Follow the activities on the following link: 

Which reminds you about recounts and what they should include. It also has an activity for you to write your own recount. I do not expect you to watch video, take notes and write your recount today. You can do everything up to writing, but I would like you only to PLAN your recount under the headings today. If you are struggling to find something to write about, you could use a game where you have played for Ladbrooke, or another sports team. Alternatively, you may have been working on a special dance routine, or other performance e.g. choir. Or, it could simply be a special day that you have experienced.

Once you have completed your plan (following the sheet headings), you can add some more vocabulary tomorrow before you write.


As I mentioned earlier, our new maths topic is statistics. Watch this clip, which explains some of the different ways that data can be displayed.

Data is basically information. Lots of companies, and institutions hold and use data. Thinking about Ladbrooke, we hold details of your parents’ telephone numbers and sometimes e-mail addresses. We hold your date of birth and address. Every year we ask you to tell us how you get to school – this information is used by the local authority. We complete daily walk to school records also, and reward you with Walk to School Badges. The local council has details of who lives at which address. How many different ways can you think of, where ‘data’ is collected and stored? Clue: think sport and shopping.


This week we are looking at words that have the suffix ‘sion’ and ‘ssion’.

You have already learned words with the ‘cian’ and ‘tion’ suffixes. As these all have the same sound, watch this short animation which gives you some rules about which suffix you should use:

Tomorrow, there will be a wordsearch to help you learn the words.