Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Year 4.

I hope you managed to create some word banks for your nocturnal creature and for Nothing’s feelings, as he waited by the pond.

Today you are going to write about Nothing’s encounter with your chosen creature.

If you look at the WAGOLL, you will notice that the first sentence continues from the original book, with Nothing continuing to look in the pond after the frog has gone. Below is a guide based on a slow write to help you. You can copy the first sentence if you can’t think of your own. If you use your own, make sure you include Nothing’s feelings.

The ripples cleared and Nothing found himself staring sadly at his own reflection.

Your second sentence needs to start with a fronted adverbial and describe how the new creature appears to Nothing.

As he did so, he noticed something else crossing the pond, except that whatever it was, wasn’t making any ripples.

Sentence 3 (and possibly 4) need to describe how the new creature moves.

Then, he felt a swoosh of air move slightly above his head, and heard a muted tap, tap tapping sound. He turned and looked above him to see a bat swooping and diving in a figure of eight movement.

Sentence 5 should be the first part of speech where the new character speaks to Nothing.

As it swooped past once more it asked, “What are you? You’re new around here.”

You then need to continue the conversation between Nothing and the creature and finish with Nothing pondering his past.

The above is set out to help you if you can’t think of how to write the insert for the story. If you are happy with your ideas, then feel free to take the story on in your own way, making sure you include movement, feelings and speech.

I would love to see your encounters once you have written them (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


You already have the geometry test to complete if you haven’t already. Attached is a fun activity using Morse code which you might want to have a go at (3 sheets). As it is VE Day tomorrow and a Bank Holiday, I will not be setting any work, so enjoy your long weekend! MC1   MC2  MC3

Next week will be art week (which we usually follow at school). Details will be posted on Monday.