Friday 1st May 2020

Good morning Year 4. Well another new month has arrived and here we all are, still working from home!

Thank you to those of you who have sent me your Red Riding Hood poems. I will type them up and try and work out a way to show them on the website. I may also e-mail you directly with some tips of how to improve next time.

For today, your English challenge is to finish the poem, if you haven’t already. If you have finished, then your task is to find 3 things to edit. This could be to:

  • look at the length of your lines and, if any are very different in length, try and make the pair a similar length by adding or deleting some words
  • check your rhyming and make sure that the lines rhyme in pairs (couplets)
  • check your speech marks and make sure that any direct speech is punctuated properly

Please note, you do not have to edit every verse. Choose 3 things only. So, if you improve one rhyme, lengthen/shorten one line and add some additional punctuation to one area of speech that is fine.

I also found some Red Riding Hood paper which I have copied for you, which you can publish on if you wish, or alternatively you could draw me a picture of your favourite part of the story.

Finally, think about the message in the story. What was it trying to teach you?


Yesterday’s work was to use directions up/down to find shapes or give coordinates on the grid.

I’m sorry that ChC was not legible, so have attached it again here.

Today’s work is taking the directions a stage further by actually moving a shape from one position to another, by following instructions. This means you have to move all of the coordinates of the shape and re-draw it.

Ch1                                                        Ch2                                                        Ch3


Well done to Panos and Daisy who tried the science experiment and made predictions based on their knowledge. Great job guys, keep it up!