Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning Year 4. I hope you enjoyed the coordinates work yesterday, especially those of you who found the unicorn!

Today we are going to the zoo for our maths lesson. This time you will write the coordinates for where you would find some animals, or a mixture of reading coordinates and writing them, depending on which challenge you choose.

Challenge 2                                         Challenge 3

In English we are going to find some rhyming words which may come in useful when we start writing our poetry verse tomorrow. I have chosen some key words and put them on a grid. Remember, when you are finding rhyming words, be systematic. So, start at the beginning of the alphabet and work through until you find a rhyming word. For example, to find word that rhymes with mat, you can’t use a, but b works – bat, c works – cat and so on.

Rhyming grid

You don’t have to stick with the words I’ve used (these are taken from the story board), you can use words from your timeline or your own storyboard if you did challenge C. We may not use all of them, but it will be helpful for you when we start putting the verses together tomorrow.

Please note, we will not write the whole poem in one go. I propose that we try to do it over at least 2 days. This is where you come in! It is really important that you let me know how you are getting on with your verses, so that I can give you more support if you need it. Please, also read through the Cinderella poem that I attached last week, to give you some idea of how to lay out your verses. This is your WAGOLL.