Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning Year 4, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

Today, we are going to remind ourselves about how to use speech marks, so that we can use them correctly in our poem later in the week.


Watch the following link which will remind you about using speech marks. Remember, you only put speech marks around what is actually spoken.

There are 3 levels of challenge for this activity. I would expect most of you to be able to do challenge 2 or 3, as we have covered speech marks before in class.

Challenge 1                                         Challenge 2                                         Challenge 3


For our maths this week we are looking at co-ordinates. You have used co-ordinates before in topic, so this is just a reminder. Don’t worry too much about the moving places part of the animation. For now, you just need to be able to read the coordinates. A little trick for remembering which axis to read first is this:

Along the corridor, and up the stairs.’ In other words you read the X axis first  - horizontal axis.

Whilst the Y axis is read second. This is the vertical axis. When you write co-ordinates, you put them in brackets, separated by a comm. Like this: (2,3)

Once you have watched the film clip, try the game underneath it on the same page..

For your maths work today, there are also 3 levels of challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Challenge 1                                         Challenge 2                                         Challenge 3


Your focus words for this week all end in the suffix ‘cian’. When this suffix is added to a word, it becomes an occupation. So, add ‘cian’ to music and you get musician. Adding it to magic, you get magician. There are 10 words to learn and some to find in a wordsearch. Can you find them? They might be forwards, diagonal or up and down. These are your words.