Thursday 23rd April 2020

St George’s Day

Good Morning Year 4.

Today is St George’s Day, and he is the patron saint of England. To mark the day, I thought you might like to learn more about him (we will return to our poem tomorrow).

Attached is a reading comprehension of the St George and the Dragon Story . There is a picture at the bottom of the story for you to colour in if you wish. Alternatively, you could draw your own picture of George or the dragon or both. I would love to see them (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

There are 3 levels of challenge.  Challenge 1       Challenge 2     Challenge 3 Page 1     Challenge 3 Page 2

There is a great animation by the British Council online, but unfortunately I can't post the link here.

There's also a wordsearch to do for fun.


On the link below is a copy of your shapes from yesterday with the lines of symmetry marked on.

Symmetry answers

Also, for those of you who completed the extension, there is a sheet below which explains how you could have done the task. Even if you didn’t try it, it is worth a read, because it might give you the confidence to try it next time.

Extension tips

Today’s work is to complete a shape where one part has been drawn along the symmetry line. You will need to read the explanation sheet first.

Challenge 1                                 Challenge 2                         Challenge 3


Some of you have asked about some science activities that you could do at home. We had already started Solids, Liquids and Gases and we had gone through different materials and sorted them. We also looked at the way the molecules inside those materials behaved (a group of you stood at the front and pretended to be the molecules). Do you also remember the experiment we did with the currants in the lemonade, where the bubbles of gas attached themselves to the currants and brought them to the top of the drink, then when the bubbles popped on the surface the currants sank down to the bottom? Finally, we looked at the melting point of chocolate in the experiment where we measured and waited for the chocolate to melt.

The next stage of our learning is to investigate water. On the sheet below you have 6 statements and have to match the correct card from the second page to the correct statement.

Three states of water

Follow the link below to find an experiment that you can do at home.

Science experiment

Finally, Ansh has sent me some symmetry photos and I have attached my favourite below. Well done Ansh.

Ansh’s photo