Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning Year 4. I hope you enjoyed the symmetry song yesterday and that you could all complete the Red Riding Hood comprehension.


L.O. draw lines of symmetry on 2D shapes

After identifying symmetrical shapes yesterday, today you will be adding lines of symmetry to a shape. Remember, if the shape is regular (all sides and angles the same), then it will have as many lines of symmetry as it does sides. So square – 4 equal sides, 4 lines of symmetry.

Shape worksheet

As an extension you can try this:

Draw a quadrilateral that is:

a)            symmetrical

b)            asymmetrical

Draw a pentagon which is:

a)            symmetrical

b)            asymmetrical

Draw a hexagon which is:

a)            symmetrical

b)            asymmetrical

Now, add the lines of symmetry to all the symmetrical shapes you have drawn.


In English today, you will need the timeline of events that you completed on Monday (or you can use the example I gave you yesterday).

You will need to watch the film again, and as you do, write down some key words that might help you with your poem. I have added some words on some of the events on the timeline to help you.


Also below is an example of a Cinderella poem completed by a previous Year 4. This is what you are hoping to achieve with our Red Riding Hood poem.


Tomorrow we will start to find rhyming words for our poems.

Finally, a mention to Shardae who also found some interesting examples of symmetry in her house. This one was my favourite.

Shardae's symmetry