21 April 2020

First of all, a very big well done from Mrs Romain who has seen a lot of movement on the leader board from KS2 on TT Rockstars! Great stuff year 4, I can see some legends and breakthrough artists up there. Check the website main page for more details.


Maths symmetry song


Now try this sorting symmetry game:


You should now be ready to try this activity – 2 levels of challenge. You have to decide whether the line drawn is a line of symmetry. The harder challenge asks you to find more lines of symmetry and complete the second half of a given shape.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2


Yesterday you watched the animation of Little Red Riding Hood and completed a timeline of events.

Completed timeline example

Today, to make sure you understand the story, there is a reading comprehension activity with 3 levels of challenge.


Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Symmetry pictures

Well done to Daisy, Dede, Gracie, Millie, Olly and Panos for sending me your pictures of symmetry. My favourites are on the document below. Can you guess which one belongs to who?

Special symmetry