Good Morning Year 4.

Well, you have made it to the Easter holidays! I hope you have all stayed safe and well. For the next two weeks, there will be no posts of work for English and Maths, these will start again on Monday 20th April, but in the meantime, please do make sure you continue to read and practise those times tables – get rockin’ on TT Rockstars!

Have a Happy Easter.


So, today’s work is to read through your planner – page 101 gives you the other types of 2D shapes and their names. You need to learn the names of at least the 5, 6, 7, and 8 sided shapes.

Remember, if the shape has equal length sides, then the angles inside are also equal and they are called REGULAR shapes. If some of the sides are different lengths, then the angles will also be different and they are called IRREGULAR shapes.

Once you think you have learned them, there are some shape riddles on the sheet below and you need to work out the shape from the description given.

Shape riddles.


In Year 4 you need to know what a ‘determiner’ is. There are many types of determiner and at the start of the year you were given a sheet which explained them, to put into your Guided Reading book – but it doesn’t help you by being in there, so I have attached a copy below to help you.

Determiner types.

There is also a power-point available on Twinkl at the following web address:

Today we are going to practise the quantifier determiner and your activity sheet is below.

Activity sheet.

I hope you have been ok with the work so far, please do let me know if you’re having problems.

Best Wishes

Mrs Dowdall