Good Morning Year 4

Your maths work today is to read scales in litres and millilitres. There are 3 levels of Challenge and each challenge has 3 different sets of cylinders to read. There is also an extension.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Challenge 3


For your English I am looking at an image on Literacy Shed, Images, it is the one with the alien creature standing in a stream in the middle of the forest.

Below is a WAGOLL for the introduction. You need to write at least 6 sentences. Similar to a slow write, these are the categories:

  1. Start with a short sentence for effect
  2. Use commas in a list
  3. Use powerful vocabulary and describe what could be seen/heard
  4. Use FANBOYS
  5. Start the sentence with a conjunction
  6. Finish with another short sentence

You can of course, continue with the story and if you like you can send them to me on the e-mail address provided on your work booklet.

1. Samir dare not breathe. 2. He leant against the solid trunk of the old, sturdy tree, hoping to become one with it. 3. Apart from the trickling sound of the water, as the enormous, towering beast bent down to wash its skeletal hands, there was silence. 4. Our hero wanted to take a better look, yet he was terrified that the creature would see him. 5. Although, he already had an inkling that the creature knew he was there. 6. Samir made a decision.