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English answers 23 March  Maths answers 23 March   Maths answers 23 March new

Measuring scales medium  Measuring scales hard

Please note with the English set for 24 March, the children's answers will all vary but I will post an exemplar for one of the sentences to help you.

Exemplar sentences 24 Mar  Maths answers 25 March  Starting sentences in different ways 25 Mar examples

Thursday 26th March

Challenge 1                                   Challenge 2                   Challenge 3              Ext

Friday 27th March

Maths Challenge 1                   Maths Challenge 2              Maths Challenge 3

English Challenge 1                 English Challenge 2            English Challenge 3

Monday 30th March

Maths Answers

Tuesday 31st March


1. scalene 2. isosceles 3. eqilateral 4. isosceles 5. right angle scalene 6. eqilateral 7. right angle scalene 8. scalene

 Wednesday 1 April

Answers for shapes going across.

Row 1: rectangle                    rectangle                   rhombus

Row 2: trapezium                   rhombus                    parallelogram

Row 3: square                       quadrilateral               kite

Row 4: square                       kite                             trapezium


1. Square    2. Regular pentagon   3. Kite    4. Trapezium   5. Irregular hexagon  6. Quadrilateral   7. Regular octagon

8. Scalene triangle


1. few 2. less 3. many/some/three 4. many 5. more 6. any 7. some

Tuesday 21st April

Symmetry 1                         Symmetry 2

RRH 1                                  RRH 2                                RRH 3

Wednesday 23rd April

Symmetry answers

Also see Year 4 entry 23 April for tips re extension

Thursday 23rd April

Maths 1                         Maths 2                   Maths 3

Wordsearch                  Comprehension

Monday 27th April

For Speech marks 1, the answers will vary. What is in the speech bubble must have inverted commas around it and some form of punctuation before the second speech mark, e.g. comma, exclamation mark or question mark.

Speech marks 2                          Speech marks 3

Coord1                                        Coord2                            Coord3


Tuesday 28th April

Zoo answers

Wednesday29th April

Maths 1                      Maths 2                    Maths 3

Red Riding Hood help

Thursday 30th April

Red Riding Hood

Maths answers

 A 1. yellow circle 2. red circle  3. red triangle  4. blue square   5. red square   6. yellow square  7. yellow triangle 8. green square  9. yellow triangle  10. green circle  11. yellow square   12. green diamond  13. red triangle  14. red square  15. yellow triangle

B 1. (A,2)  2. (D,5)  3. (E,1)  4. (C,2)  5. (B,4)  6. (E,5)  7. (B,1)  8. (D,3) 9. bllue triangle  10. green diamond  11. yellow triangle  12. red circle

C  1. (1,7) (3,5)  2. (5,2) (7,3)

(2,0) (5,1) 3,3)

(2,4) (1,6) (3,8) (5,6)

Friday 1st May

Maths 1            Maths 2                 Maths 3

Wednesday 6th May


Geometry review                                    Digging deeper

Test answers 1          2

Thursday 7th May

Morse Code answers

Tuesday 12th May

Pictogram Answers

Wednesday 13th May

Axes should be labelled - type of transport/number of people

Title should be: Transport used to get to work

All bars should be equal width and same space apart 

Scale at the side should be evenly spaced and in order: 2,4,6,8 etc

Scale is too high - you don't need to go to 16

Thursday 14th May

Bar chart answers

Friday 15th May

Red Riding Hood report

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Ch1                   Ch2                   Ch3



Wednesday 3rd June 2020

 Skel 1

Skel 2

Skel 3

Benefits of different skeletons


Sorting continuous and discrete data