The person writing this story has relied on his computer to punctuate it, but unfortunately his computer has stopped working.

Copy this out in your book adding the correct punctuation and show him what it should look like!

George was astounded, sitting right in front of him was a most unusual creature. it was a about the size of a large dog yet it didnt have any hair. instead it was covered in greeny-blue coloured skin which was dotted with yellow spots. There was nothing threatening about the beast and for some unexplained reason George did not feel the slightest bit scared. the creatures face was friendly furthermore George could see its scaly pink tongue lolling sideways out of its mouth as it panted. tentatively George put out his hand and the creature licked it gently as it was scaly the tongue tickled and George couldnt help but giggle.


Dear Year 4

I hope you found the maths straightforward this morning.

Above is the English work for today. You need to add punctuation to the passage. I have included all types of missing punctuation that we have covered in class, and below is a reminder of the occasions when you would use a comma, to help you.

  • in a list
  • after a fronted adverbial
  • before a conjunction
  • to separate an embedded clause
  • between speech and narrative

You are looking for apostrophes, commas, capital letters, fullstops.

Answers are available on a separate link.

Good punctuation hunting!