Good Morning Year 4.

Today in maths you will be working with mass, in other words how much things weigh.

The two measures that you will be using are grams and kilograms.

You have already looked at the measurement of length and distance and converted between metres, millimetres and kilometres, so you should be fine converting today's work.

Attached is the SC, which is the arrow diagram which we have used for the earlier measures, and have been practising a bit of in early morning work.Remember if you are converting from Kg to grams follow the RED arrow. If you are converting from g to Kg, follow the green arrow.

Your challenge today is to work through TYM page 83. Depending on your browser you may need to rotate the page.

Click here for TYM 83

The answers page will also be attached - but please don't cheat!

Keep safe and look at the other article about the English work for today.