Friday 26th June

Hello year 3! I can't quite believe that it is time to post another French lesson from Madame Elena - which must mean that we have reached Friday again!

Madame Elena has also posted a link to a game for you to play:

And the page for today's lesson can be found here:

French resources

In Maths, we are going to finish our unit on volume, capacity and mass by solving problems. This lesson is online at Thursday of the week beginning June 22nd.

I have jumped ahead with the Oak Academy lessons as a lot of the skills on comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting we have already covered when measuring mass. However, if you would like some more practice please have a look at some of the lessons earlier in the week beginning the 22nd of June.

In English we are going to do some art work linked to our unit on explorers. The task and a template can be found on page 10 of the booklet but if you prefer you can complete you picture on a seperate piece of paper to give yourself more space.

I hope that you have a good weekend!

Thursday 25th June

Good morning year 3! I hope that you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and didn't get too hot! I have been very impressed with the list poems that I have seen so far and I thought that I would give you a break from writing for tomorrow (or a chance to catch up if you haven't finished it yet). Instead, we are going to take a look at a lesson on the Oak National Academy that combines the Science and Topic work that we were doing in school. The lesson looks at solids, liquids and gases which we had started to look at and also the water cycle - which is something that we were moving on to. The link for the lesson is below:

and your challenge is to draw and label a diagram of the water cycle like the one seen in the lesson. I also know how many of you like a song to go alongside your learning and there is a very catchy water cycle song that you can find by following the link: 

In Maths, we are going to aim to complete mass and capacity this week. Today's lesson is on measuring capacity and the link is below:

 If you would like an extension for today, ask an adult if they will help you to look at the volume of different liquids that you have at home. You could even practise measuring out different amounts of water using a measuring jug.

Wednesday 24th June

Hello everybody! I hope that you are not too hot! Today's maths lesson is a recap on reading scales. Knowing what intervals a scale is going up in is something that year 3 generally find quite tricky so I though it would be good to spend a little bit more time practising before we move on. The lesson for today is below:

Again, if you would like more practise there are three levels of challenge below.


In English, we are moving on to the next section of the booklet which is to write a list poem of the ten things in an explorers rucksack. There is an example and some helpful hints on page 8 of the booklet and a planning sheet on page 9 to help you.

I hope that you all manage to find a way to stay cool over the next few days!

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning year 3! If you haven't seen Miss Webster's Monday morning assembly there is a link to it below:

I hope you were successful in adding and subtracting mass yesterday. I'm sure that you were. Today we are going to solve problems using the addition and subtraction of mass.

If you would like more practise and you didn't complete the reasoning and problem solving activity challenge from yesterday you could try this today.

Reasoning and problem solving activities

If you worked on some of these yesterday and would like another challenge there is a link to a problem below. Please don't feel that you have to complete all of these sheets. They are simply there as an option for those who would like more.

Extension - problem to solve

In English, we are going to continue our journey through the back of the wardrobe and into the jungle. Today we are going to recap the vocabulary that we learnt yesterday by completing the activities on page 6. Then, we are going to check our understanding of the story by completing the comprehension on page 7. If you would like a further chalenge, you could write some extra questions for someone at home to answer.


Monday 22nd June 

Hello Year 3! I hope that you had a good weekend and that you are ready for another week of home learning. I was so impressed with your STEM challenges the week before last that I have posted another challenge below:

I hope that you have fun trying one out and please do send me a photo when you have finished.

In Maths this week, we are continuing to look at mass and today we are going to be adding and subtracting mass. The link to the online lesson is below:

If you would like a further challenge, there are some fluency practise sheets and some reasoning and problem solving activities below:

Fluency practise

Reasoning and problem solving activities

In English this week we are going to be visiting the jungle! Over the next two weeks we are going to be working through the booklet below:

You can of course do this at your own pace but if you are going to keep up with me, today we are going to read the log entry carefully and then complete the word activities on pages 4 and 5.

Also, look out for Miss Webster's Monday morning assembly on the home page. As soon as the link appears I will post it here for you. I hope you all have a good day!