Friday 19th June

Hello year 3. I can't quite believe that we have come to the end of another week of home learning. However, today is a Friday and Friday in school means that we have French so Madame Elena has another French lesson for you today. You can see Madame Elena by following the link below:

The resources that you will need can be found here: French resources.

 In Maths, we are going to continue looking at scales and comparing mass. The link to the online learning is below:

If you would like to do some extra practise after today's lesson there are two extra challenges below. One is fluency practise and the other has reasoning and problem solving questions. There are three levels of challenge for each but please remember that you don't have to do them all. 

 Fluency practise

Reasoning and problem solving

In English, we are going to complete the writing unit on Instructions. Remember that you can send me any work that you are proud of and let me know how you are doing.

I hope that you all have a good weekend.

Thursday 18th June

Good morning year 3. How did you get on with the Science yesterday? I hope you enjoyed the lesson. In Maths today we are going to learn about reading mass on scales. The link to the lesson is below.

If you would like some extra practise after the lesson there are some challenges below. 

Challenge 1,2 and 3.

In English, we are going to be looking at using adverbs in instructions. Again, the link is below:



Wednesday 17th June

Hello year 3. We are going to continue with the Oak National Academy lessons today. In Maths we are going to begin to look at reading scales.

Here is an additional challenge for anyone who would like to give it a try:

Additional Challenge

In English we are going to look at the features of instruction texts:

If we were in school, our Science topic would be 'Animals including humans' and we would look at the digestive system and teeth. BBC Bitesize daily have a very good lesson on the digestive system which you can find at the link below: 


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning year 3. It is just a short post today. Maths is multiplying and dividing by 1,000 and the link is below:

In English we are going to continue looking at instructions. Today's lesson will give you lots more strategies to help with your reading comprehension.

 Also, if you haven't watched it already, Miss Webster has recorded a Monday morning assembly for you. The link is below: 


Monday 15th June

Hello year 3. I hope that you had a good weekend and that you were able to enjoy some sunshine after all of the rain that we had last week. All that rain however did allow some of you test out your umbrellas and hats to see if they were waterproof. I was very impressed with the standard of your STEM challenges. I will give you a break from them this week but will post some more next weekend ready for the following week.

For English this week some of you will be pleased to hear that we are going to have a break from story writing and we are going to look at writing instructions. This is something that we did in the first term of year 3. This week we are going to follow the instruction writing scheme on the Oak National Academy Week 1 for (week beginning the 20th April). The link for the first lesson is below:

In Maths this week we are also going to continue following the Oak National Academy. We are going to spend Monday and Tuesday multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 and then move onto reading scales. This lesson sequence is the week beginning the 8th of June and the link to the first lesson is below:

For those of you who used to go to Artz Kidz and for those of you didn't, Helen from Artz Kidz has been posting online lessons aimed at 3-8 year olds (so if you have younger brothers or sisters you may enjoy doing this together with them). The link to her first lesson is below: