Friday 15th May

Good morning year 3! I really can't believe that it is Friday already! Today for English, I am going to give you several options. If you haven't finished your diary entry, you can use the time today to complete it and to make sure that it is the best that it can be.

If you have finished your diary and you are happy with it, there is a short bbc bitesize lesson that will show you the importance of editing and proofreading and give you some tasks to practice your skills.

The third option, is to design a device for transporting the enormous pumpkin. You can draw and label your design and if you are feeling creative you could even make a small model. Remember, you don't need to do all of the tasks but whichever one you decide to do, I would love to see it when it is finished.

For Maths we are going to complete the final angles lesson in the Oak National Academy sequence.

Well done for working so hard this week.

Remember, next week is Art Week!!


Thursday 14th May

Hello year 3. I hope that you have planned your diary entries and I know that some of you have started work on them already so well done. The ones I have seen so far are looking great. Here are some of the similes that I have seen already:

It was as big as a car and as heavy as an elephant! 

As quick as a cheetah I threw my clothes on and ran down the stairs.

Today's task is to continue to work on your diaries.      

I hope that you are now experts on right angles. Today in Maths we are going to learn about acute and obtuse angles. The link to the lesson is below:


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning year 3! How are you all this morning? Are you enjoying the Oak National Academy lessons? My daughter did a year 5 lesson yesterday morning on timetables - it was a little tricky but very well explained so I hope you feel the same about the year 3 lessons on angles. Today we are going to be learning about recognising right angles. This is one of my favourite lessons to teach in class!

In English, we are going to be writing a diary entry using the bbc bitesize lessons. The link is below. You will have Wednesday and Thursday to complete your diary entry and then Friday's lesson will be editing and improving your work. Your challenge is to see if you can include a metaphor and a simile in your writing. Next week there will be some art week activities to complete so this is your last piece of writing for a little while!      

 (bbc bitesize daily lesson 12th May)


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning year 3! Have you see our messages to you all on the homepage? We are missing you lots but are very impressed with all of the great learning that you have been doing at home.

For Maths today we are going to be looking at angles inside 2D shapes. Please follow the link below:

In English, we are going to be recognising and writing similies and metaphors. We have touched on these a little in class but by the end of today you should be experts! Please follow the bbc bitesize link for yesterday's lesson below:   


Monday 11th May

Hello year 3. I hope that you enjoyed the long weekend and that you were able to relax in the sunshine a little. As you know, I was in school last week. It was very strange being there without you all but it was lovely to talk to some of you and your families on the phone.

For Maths this week we are going to be learning about angles and we are going to follow a sequence of lessons on the Oak National Academy website. The link to tomorrow's lesson is below:

Let me know what you think of the lessons.

I know that some of you made bunting at the end of last week to celebrate VE Day so I thought it might be nice for us to start off the week with a VE Day reading comprehension to find out a little more. If you search on Twinkl for 'VE Day reading comprehension year 3' there will be one with three levels of challenge.