Thursday 7th May

Good Morning year 3! As it is a bank holiday on Friday, we have come to the end of week 5. I was so impressed with the bridges that you created for your trolls last week that I have decided to celebrate the end of another week of hard work with a similiar challenge. This week, your task is to build a raft for the Billy Goats who were trying to cross the troll's bridge. Be as creative as you can but your challenge is to see if your raft will float. Please send me some pictures when it is complete as I would love to see some of them.

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If you are not familiar with the story you can find it on Twinkl by searching 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff Story PowerPoint.' There is a link to the challenge below and additional information can be found on twinkl by searching for 'Raft building for the Billy Goats STEM activity.'

raft challenge


Wednesday 6th May

Hello all! A very short post for today as in English we are continuing with our writing. I have seen a few finished reports already and I am very impressed so if you have already completed and edited your report then you may have a day off writing. I think you have earned a rest! However, if you would like some extra reading practise there is a year 3 reading comprehension which can be found by searching for 'seeds and weeds differentiated reading comprehension activity' on Twinkl.

Please keep sending me your completed reports. I am in school this week working with the children of key workers so I may not be able to reply straight away but it does mean that I can share your work with Miss Webster and some of the other teachers and I will reply as soon as I can.

For maths we are going to continue with the bbc bitesize lessons on money and today we are going to be subtracting money. The link is below.


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning all! Now that we have finished planning our information text on trolls we are going to spend today and tomorrow writing our report and editing it. You can use the headings in the plan as your subheadings for each paragraph but remember to use some of the writing you have done so far to help you and look again at the example at the beginning of the booklet and borrow some sentences. I am going to set some more fun activities for the end of the week so if the writing takes you longer please don't worry.

Here is your success criteria - just like we would have if we were in school:

MUST: All of your capital letters and full stops must be correct and your sentences must make sense.

SHOULD: Use some of the adverbs that you have used in the booklet.

COULD: Use a range of conjunctions to extend your sentences - however, although, even though.


In Maths today we are going to continue with the bitesize lesson for today - adding money. The link is below.


Monday 4th May 

Hello year 3 and welcome to what I think is week 5 of home learning. First of all I would like to say a huge well done for the bridges that you built for your trolls. I was very impressed! If you haven't finished it, do not worry. You do not have to complete all of the work on the day that it is posted but please do send me a photo when it is complete. One of my favourite things at the moment is to see the work that you are doing at home.

English this week is going to continue with the booklet on trolls. The plan is to work on planning your report today (pages 14 and 15 of the booklet). You can either print out the plan they have provided or draw your own in your workbook. This is the way that we plan all of our writing in class so it should be very familiar. Remember, in the box labelled new ideas you are writing down the points that you will include in that paragraph. You don't need to include all of the details that you will put in your final report. Also, remember to use what you have already written so far in this unit to help you. You are the expert so you can make up the details for yourselves!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the plan is to write and edit your reports. I was so impressed with your bridges that I have another fun challenge planned for the end of the week!

In Maths this week we are going to recap our learning on money. We are going to begin by converting pounds and pence on bbc bitesize daily lessons.

If you have completed these and would like a further challenge please find a link to some problems that you can solve. These come in 3 levels of challenge. Remember, you only need to complete one challenge and you don't need to finish the whole sheet. Some of these are tricky.

Optional problems to solve