Week beginning Monday 20th July

Happy Holidays everyone. It's lovely to see the sun and blue sky today and I hope that you are all enjoying it.

I promised to put any of your 'Magic' stories on the website if you sent me and I am pleased to say that both Yritha and Claudia have sent me theirs. I typed them up so that they are easier to see on here and I have put them below. 

I have also attached some more of the maths mysteries so that you can have a go at them any time in the holidays if you are looking for something extra to do.

Finally I have taken off the Vimeo videos as the screencast links started working again and the videos take up rather a lot of space!

Maths mystery Pudding Lane hero

Pudding lane hero answers

Maths mystery scarecrow

Maths mystery sports day trophy

Maths mystery daytime feather

Maths mystery missing macaws

Maths mystery squashed fruit

Maths mystery sandcastle stamper

Maths mystery Easter egg hunt

Maths mystery missing daffodils

Maths mystery Muddled up fidget spinner

Maths mystery May Queen's crown


The Magic Nose

In a house far away lived a nice, calm dog that had gold food and a magic nose. Dog would only use it on people who steal food. But some robbers came in the house and stole food. The dog put the magic nose on them.

One day later the robbers were small and the food was giant. The robbers ran as quick as their tiny legs could run. But in a flashing light the food was right behind them. It was a dead end and the food was about to eat them. Then one of the robbers said stop. The other robber said we will never steal food again. Then in a puff of white smoke they changed and they never stole food again.

By Yritha


The Magic Phone

Once there was an island called Easter Island and a boy called Archie and he lived here. Archie had blue hair, he was cheeky and he dyed his hair so many times. He had a toothy smile and he was a very happy boy. He loved all animals except scratching animals!

Archie had a magic phone, it could do all sorts of wonderful things, but only for Archie. The first thing it could do was make things vanish which was very handy if people were being mean. It could also make things as big as an elephant and as small as a pea, which was useful because he could make cakes bigger!

One day Archie was walking across a busy road when he saw two boys kicking a dog. This made him furious so quickly he took out his phone and shrank them so now they were the size of a rubber.

The two boys, Ben and Jamie, were really scared and ran away. All of a sudden, they found themselves in a busy city. They felt it was hopeless. The people were huge, they seemed as big as giants. How are they going to escape? The ran across the countryside and stumbled across a mouse in a mouse trap. The quickly helped the mouse out and, as Archie had been following them, he saw the whole things. He saw them and turned them back to their normal size. The boys had learned their lesson and were never cruel to animals.

By Claudia

Maths mystery