Week beginning Monday 1st June

Thursday's news

Hello Year 2. I have some news! I have managed to make a lesson for you where you can see me! I have recorded myself teaching a lesson about the layers of the rainforest. Unfortunately it wasn't in time to put it on Wednesdays lessons so you may have already done a very similar lesson, but it's not exactly the same so you might want to have a look at it again.

I have put a link for it with Thursday's lessons...it has the words screencast-o-matic in the link. If you click on the link it should open for you to see.

I'm sorry that it isn't perfect, my microphone kept stopping so there are some bits where I'm talking with no sound coming out and then I have to repeat myself, but hopefully it is watchable. 

If you are able to watch it, can you let me know. 

All of the teachers are hoping to do some lessons like this in the next few weeks. We hope that we will get better at it as we get used to it. 

Have a lovely Thursday



Welcome back after half term. I hope that you had a really good one. My half term was good when I could get outside, but unfortunately I had to spend some of it doing housework which isn't much fun! I've put all the work for the week on the website below. I wish I could be with you to teach you it. I am missing all your smiling faces. Have a good week.

Senna and rainforest

Do you remember Senna the Sloth? I brought him into school to see you when we wrote our lost toy stories. He's very excited now because this week we are going to be learning about his home continent...South America! He wanted to share this photo of his distant cousin in his natural rainforest habitat.


Maths - we have fallen behind with the White Rose lessons as we didn't do any during the art week so this week we are going to do the lessons we missed...they are to practise multiplication and division

You will find them on the White Rose site and they are for the week 5 begining 18th May. Look back a few weeks on here to find the link if you don't have it anymore.

I will put some links each day for worksheets you could use, or you could use the materials suggested on the linked BBC bitesize lessons.

If you already did these lessons, can I suggest that you take a week off from the White Rose lessons to let others catch up with youu? You could use the Oak National Academy maths lessons for Year 2 which are taught lessons similar to White Rose but there you will be practising shape and angles.

While I am thinking about the OakNational academy site, I wanted to mention that they have some lovely geography lessons about the continents which is something that we have been learning about. They are in the Year 1 section but they are full of information that is useful to Year 2 as well. You might want to have a look at the lesson about all the continents, and later the lessons about Europe, North America and Africa which we have already learnt a bit about. We will use South America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica as we learn about them in the next few weeks. Don't be put off just because it says Year 1!

Summary of the English, Science, Geography and art tasks for the week

Spelling for week beginning 1st June