Week beginning Monday 18th May - Ladbrooke Art Week

Miss Webster and Mrs Petrou have been busy creating a lovely art week for you. Read the message from them below.

In school the week before May half term is always an art week and we see no reason for this to change this year.  For one week only your children will focus solely on art.  Please look at the document attached/below.  The children can choose to focus on one challenge or if they are feeling very arty they may attempt them all.  As it is half term next week and no work will be set during this week, they could spend two weeks on these projects.

The theme is Nature Around Us and the challenges are based on using things they may find on their walks around parks and in your gardens to create art.  We hope you will have a lot of fun.  
We would then love to have a gallery of the children's work displayed on the website. If you would like  to, send a picture of your child holding their art work and tell us what they enjoyed most about this activity, you can email this to Mrs Petrou @ ctheo@ladbrooke.herts.sch.uk


Mrs Trott writing now:

If you send any pictures to Mrs Petrou can you copy me into the email and I will be able to see your pictures too.I think it might take Mrs Petrou quite a while to get all the pictures up onto the website as I'm sure that lots of people in the school will want to take part.

  I have also put together some information for you to read about 2 Brisith artists who were very inspired by nature. One is called Andy Goldsworthy and he is alive and working today. The other is a historical artist called William Morris. You can read about their work and be inspired by them. Twinkl provided most of the information.

Here are the links you need to the documents

Art activities for art week

Information about the artist Andy Goldsworthy

Information about the artist William Morris