Week beginnging Monday 11th May

I have a busier week than normal this week so I am putting the resources on early. Please carry on sending work for me to see. I always have time to see the work that the children have done.

English Activities for Week of 11th May

Maths Activities for Week of 11th May

Spelling for Week of 11th May

Corrected link to the week's geography

Art activity for anytime in the week

African map to label

Monday 11th May

English resources

Maths resource fluency        Maths resources problems

Tuesday 12th May

It was my turm to be in school yesterday and this week. All the teachers are taking turns. It was so strange to be there and not see any of you. But I'm happy to hear that you are safe at home and carrying on with your learning there.You should find everything that you need for today here. Have a good Tuesday.

English resources

Maths resources fluency        Maths resources problems

Wednesday 13th May

English resources

Maths resources - please use resources suggested on BBC bitesize lesson

Thursday 14th May

English Resources

Sheet for recording facts or use own book

Maths Resources fluency          Maths resources problems

Friday 15th May

No Maths or English Resources needed. Everrything is on the English or Maths  link at beginning of week