Friday 1st May

Hello again Year 2.

Well I hope the weather in May will be more like the beginning of April than the end. of April.  Soon we'll all need webbed feet like ducks if we go outside because it has rained so much.

Thank you for all the Mondrian pictures you have sent me this week, the writing and the topic work. I know for sure that some of you have been very busy. 

Today's English and maths work is all on Monday's sheet and I haven't set any new topic work today. 

I don't know if you noticed...this week's geography and art work was all about places in Europe...we are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach a new continent next week. Do you know what that Continent is? (you might need to look back at your World map if you did it.)


If you are looking for ideas for something else to do this week, why not do some art work about ducks? could draw one, paint one, make a collage of one, even model one out of any modelling materials you have. Remember there are many different types of ducks so have a careful look at some photos of ducks first to get a good idea of the shapes and colours that you will need.

Have a lovely weekend, when this day is done. Look after yourselves and your families.