As promised I will attach a map of the UK for you to print out and label if you are able to do this.

Map of Uk

Slightly easier map of the UK

There are clues on the maps on the boxes around the maps to help you with this task, but you could also search online for maps to help you. Remember that it often helps to write Map or UK for children (or for kids) on your google search as this might give you maps that are easier to read and understand.

Well I hope that everything went well on Monday. The English and the maths work can all be found on the link for Monday. 

I would also like you to revise the names of the countries and capital cities of the U.K. Remember there are four altogether. Can you remember where to find each one?

Can you also remember the names of the seas that surround the UK? 

I will try to find a map that you can print and label later on this morning. If you can't print at home you could try drawing the map yourself. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just look at a map on line and see if you can draw a similar shape. You can then mark the countries the cities and seas.

Have a nice day

Mrs Trott