Hello Year 2,

This week's English

Letter for parents

I really hope that you managed to have lots of fun during the holidays. I managed to do quite a bit of gardening and quite a lot of reading so for me it was fun.  I have also been for lots of walks as part of my daily exercise. The Joe Wiicks exercise is a bit too much like hard work for me. I have really enjoyed my walks in the woods. For the first time in years I have really noticed trees getting their leaves and catkins, lots of different wild flowers, including my favourite, bluebells and I have seen lots of insects like bees and butterflies enjoying the sunshine and collecting nectar. I have had lots of visitors to my garden...not people because at the moment, they aren't allowed. Instead I have had blackbirds, robins, goldfinches, sparrows, blue tits and other birds. It's lovely to hear them singing. I wonder if any of you have noticed things from nature that you dont' normally notice?


Today I am going to put a link to this week's English. It has the lessons for every day of this week, but if it takes you a long time to complete the day's task you can take two days instead of 1. See how you go. Dont' be lazy but also don't think that you need to spend hours and hours on one piece of work.

I suggest that you do some more work from White Rose maths . I will put the links here for 3 weeks of work. I put the first two weeks up for the holidays so some of you will have already done it. If so, go straight on to Week 3. If you haven't done the first two weeks you should try to do these weeks first. I think that you can probably do at least two lessons each day from week 1. They shouldn't be too dfficult as we have covered the work before in school.

I will also attach a letter to your parents. I want to check with them how you are doing and if you are able to use the work that I am setting. 

Have a good day

Mrs Trott