Thursday 2nd April

MC grammar live link is below


I hope that I have  better luck putting the work on here today. 

I have combined Thursday and Friday's English onto one sheet. 

For maths I would like you to use the Whiterose lessons that I linked on Tuesday 31st. If you haven't started them yet, just go to Week 1 and the first lesson. If you have already done the first lessons, then do the next lesson. I think these lessons are good because they teach you what to do as well as giving you work to practise. We have already covered these objectives in Year 2 but it is worth going over it again as fractions are an important part of maths and if you understand fully now it will be much easier as you go into Year 3.

English for Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd April

I would love to see some of your writing when you have done it. I think this is a funny picture and I might even have a go at writing about it myself this time. 

Just before I go...did you know that Otto has now got a new baby sister? Now there are two people in the class with new babies in their families, Sam and Otto. I think they are going to be extra busy helping their mums and dads with the babies.