Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year 2. I'm sure that all of you that have gardens to play in have been enjoying the lovely sunshine over the last two days. I think it's going to get a bit cooler but hopefully the warm sun will be back again soon.

I have given you some maths and English for tomorrow...the English is story writing, but if you have been writing with Jane Consodine and the super sentence stackers you can do that instead. 

If you look at the link below you will see that I have given you a picture with a ferocious looking dinosaur to write a story about. Don't forget you can photograph your work and ask mum or dad to email it to me if you would like to show it off. Perhaps I might even be able to post a good one on here so that your friends can see it too. 

Have a good Thursday,

Thursday's English and maths work