Wednesday 25th March

Hello Year 2,

I hope that you are all well. I' ve been busy all day looking online for things that you can do to keep learning. I hope that you are doing some. I had a go at some of the BBC teach supermovers maths dances but I got rather out of puff. I have suggested to Mr Smith that he learns Mr Pumpernickel's dance so he can do it for us when we are all back at school one day. Have a look at the dance and try to imagine Mr Smith doing it!

Wednesday is always grammar and spelling day in year 2 so your English work is all about using subordinating conjunctions - can you remember them? They are on the worksheet attached. I have also put some handwriting sheets which are also useful to help with your spelling. Don't try to do all the sheets at once. Take your time and do one a day...or even half a day.

Using subordinating conjunctions

Spelling and handwriting sheets

In maths  we are moving from addtion to subtraction

Maths tasks for 25th March

 I have looked on Youtube and found

It teaches you about subtraction and will be useful for the next couple of day's work.


New ideas for maths

Before you begin your maths activities why not go on line to BBC teach supermovers...there are lots of maths songs and dances there.

I suggest counting with John Farnworth, number bonds with Martin Dougan and money with Mr Pumpernickel for this week and next.

Click on the blue links to open the set tasks for English and maths each day.



Recommendations for some online English teaching

Dear Year 2

I have just found something on Youtube called:

Jane Considine – Super sentence Stackers

Every day Jane is going to teach some writing. She seems to be a lovely, friendly lady who will show you how to write really good sentences and give you the opportunity to share your writing with other people.

You are also welcome to send me some of the writing …take a photo and attach it to an email.

For the children in Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Petrou’s phonics group

Ruth Miskin Training -

There will be phonic lessons each day, teaching  Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds. Each lesson remains there for 24 hours, but then will disappear.

You definitely don’t need to do the Set 1 sounds and probably not the set 2 sounds, but you might find the set 3 sounds useful to practise.

I haven't included links to these but they are easily found on Youtube if you search for the names