Year 6 have been demonstrating their excellent writing skills in taking part in the 100 Word Challenge. This is an internationally recognised blogging opportunity for children across the world to write, on a weely basis, about a given prompt. They are then encouraged to comment on the work of others.

Our class have produced some excellent writing this term. If you woud like read some of their work, please click on the link to their Kidblog sites on our Year 6 page in the Year Groups page.

Every week, some of the hundreds of children who took part in the 100 Word Challenge have their writing selected to be 'Showcased'.

A massive 'Well done' to Lauren, Jasmine Hart and Rebecca who have had their work showcased this term.

Please find their work on the links below:

Jasmine Week 6

Lauren Week 5

and Week 11

Rebecca Week 13