In the Winter term Year 3 interviewed Mrs. Durrani about the customs and daily life of Muslims.

Year 5 and 6 also had a visit from Mrs. Young who talked about the rules for living,
traditions and customs of Jewish people.

This Spring term Year 1 and Year 2 went to visit St. Mary’s church to look at the special places and features of a church. We asked Father Stefan lots of questions.

At the end of our visits Father Stefan read us a story about Jesus. We all had a lovely time.

This term Year 3 have been learning about the life of Jesus, and the Christian festival of Lent. We made our own pancakes by following a recipe, we mixed the ingredients to make a batter, and then fried them in a pan. Some of us even had a go at flipping them.

They were delicious with sugar and lemon. Yummm!

Father Stefan visited Year 3 to help us learn about the story of Easter week and why it is important to Christians. We made a timeline of the story of Easter using hand and foot prints.